01 March 2012

Peter Peter Paper eater???

Her name is not Peter, but this is no lie, my little girl LOVES paper.  Remember the post i made a week ago about how she is now crawling? and her motivation was a $5 bill?  It wasn't money or the prospect of spending that money on a cute pair of sandals that had her chomping at the bit, NOPE, it was the idea of EATING the paper. In the words of Oliver Twist: Paper Glorious Paper!

Being an avid Zappos.com VIP member, i received the first half of my shipment early. While I sat on the floor trying on $400 worth of shoes, throwing paper and tissue packaging every which way, Sloan was busy scooping it up into her tiny little hands and straight to the mouth.  The feeding frenzy had begun and before i could get the paper away from her, she would have more. handful upon handful. The paper just kept entering her mouth. I kid you not! Like a fat kid scarfing down a piece of chocolate cake, Sloan could not get that paper in her mouth fast enough.

And it didn't stop there. I finally put her in her high chair and fed her a nice big dinner of squash, peas, and peaches. But after her bath, she was at it again. Left on the floor to roll around her bedroom while I changed into my pajama pants before her nighttime story. I return and see that she found her Ugly Doll (a gift from her big brothers last summer) and was rolling around with it. But she wasn't chewing on the doll, she was wrestling it for the tag. If this keeps up, her birthday presents will be boxes filled with paper.   Again this morning, with lightening speed she made her way across the room to find this postcard from ModCloth.com that fell out of my most recent purchase, and ate half the corner. I moved her into another area of my bedroom and she ripped a page out of the PBKids catalogue and straight to the mouth. I took it away and pulled the catalogue back out of her hands.  Her lust for paper is insatiable . I don't know whether to laugh at her and  take her picture, or lock up every piece of paper in the house.

If you look at these pics, you will see her gaze is intensely focused. She cannot be distracted. I loathe the day she learns to stand and finds the toilet paper roll! I will be sure to have my camera ready. Our moments at home are anything but dull!

Last night i took a remnant of paper and tied it in a bow around her head, and left her to roll around with her little balls of paper, for just a minute longer. After all, its just paper. I myself had been known to eat a piece of paper or two, on occasion. It might have been quite some time ago, but nonetheless, This too Shall Pass. Pun intended.


  1. Haha! Chloe hasn't been around too much paper, but inevitably it would go in her mouth as well. She does have a thing for tags though which seems to be along the same lines. If a toy, blanket, or stuffed animal has a tag, she chews on it rather than the actual item. Too funny!

  2. She's starting on you early! It will pass and something else will take the place. The fun begins :0)

  3. So cute. Dave keeps a spare piece of paper in the back of his SUV so Jade can play with it. :)

  4. I forgot to ask what shoes you got! I'm a Zappos girl too. :)

    1. oh you know, several pairs of black shoes to wear to appear to be dressy but really are sporty (some pumas) My black vans ripped a hole in them, so i decided to venture out. My heel wearing days are over for now. Plus my post-pregnancy feet just aren't the same.