19 March 2012

Happy 8 MONTHS!

 I cannot believe that 8 months have passed! Where has the time gone?!

Sloan is around 18 lbs and is 28 inches long. Still in line with my stats at the same age, which isn't too bad if she ends up like me, i mean, I could be a little taller i suppose, but compared to her peers she is tall.
Her eyes are sooo blue that mine pale to grey in comparison! She still has the dark ring like me, but man are her eyes blue! We definitely have the same nose, mouth and dimples, but she has her daddy's eyes (shape)!  Sloan still has only TWO bottom teeth but I think that the top ones will arrive in the next few months. Lately she is sleeping from 730pm until close to 5am. I get up in the early morning to feed her, and Rick will get up when she wakes up around 6:30 to "play" and let me sleep another hour (OR TWO). This weekend i got SOO much sleep that i actually felt groggy. You know the feeling you get when you're a teenager/early twenties and you sleep in on the weekends? I mean REALLY sleep in (like till NOON). Yeah, that's how i felt. Who knew that a 7 hour stretch and then a four hour stretch would do that to one tired momma?  I guess I have adapted to little-to-no sleep. Who knew! After her time with Daddy, he gets ready for work and I feed her breakfast (usually oatmeal and fruit) and then i dress her. Notice, she gets dressed AFTER she eats. She is getting better at making less of a mess when she eats but I don't really want to change her again just before heading out the door. 

Drop off at school is pretty rough. Sloan is now aware that i do not stay and she doesn't like it. She either crawls to me and grabs my leg, or she lays there and makes her boo-boo face and cries. It breaks my heart but at the same time, makes me very happy to know that she loves me THAT much.
Sloan has a lot of friends both at school and from my friend's kids!
Sloan and Kenny
Sloan and Lucas
Aarnavi, Avery, Jake and Sloan

We still cannot get the baby to take a bottle. It makes her so mad. She took one early on, and on occasion at daycare, but around four months she decided that she preferred it on tap. Hey, who can blame the girl. It's always freshest and better tasting straight from the source! We are so very blessed that her on-site day care is literally a stones throw away from my building. Sloan eats lunch with me every day around 12:45. Nursing only takes 15 minutes at most which leaves more time to play, and i typically hang around for about 45 minutes. On the warm days like we have had all winter, I have been able to take her outside to swing! Sloan found a four leaf clover last week on our walk to look at the toddlers on the playground. We found two more the next day. She is lucky like that.
In the afternoon, Sloan eats some vegetables and takes a nap. Then her daddy comes for a short visit to roll around the floor and play with her. He keeps trying to wrestle with her but she just isn't big enough. Don't worry Rick, she will get there soon enough!
Sloan is crawling pretty good, but "army crawling". She gets on her hands and knees and rocks back and forth some and is very close to "normal crawling" but we're in no rush! She is a handful as it is, often making a beeline for the magazine rack to play with her favorite toy: PAPER. She is seriously a ham, often crawling underneath tables and chairs. She is trying very hard to climb on top of things. She crawls OVER the dog, my legs, and even discovered the stairs this weekend. I watched her but the dog soon distracted her (the dog isn't allowed upstairs anymore). And after reading this article:Children Go to ER Every 6 Minutes After Stair Falls, we are trying to avoiding letting her know about the stairs.  I mean obviously she goes up and down them several times a day, but she doesn't have to know HOW she gets from living spaces to sleeping spaces does she? We don't think so. We do have baby gates propped for now (to keep dog from wandering up) but we know eventually we will have to invest in something a bit more substantial that we can anchor into the wall.
Sloan loves MARCHMADNESS and is a HUGE  NCSU Wolfpack fan! So far so good, and even if they lose on Friday, we are so very proud of how far they have come this tournament!

Happy 8  months baby girl! This year is flying by! We love you more than green beans, marshmallows, and chocolate cake! That's a WHOLE lotta love right there!


  1. She gets more gorgeous each month! I am not looking forward to the day Chloe knows when we leave her places and she gets upset, that sounds so hard. But how awesome that you are close enough to visit Sloan during lunch!

  2. Jade is getting picky about her bottles now too and would rather have her milk straight from the source! Not sure what we're going to do about that as she is still learning to use the sippy cup...

    I can't imagine getting 7 straight hours of sleep! I still get up with her a few times each night to nurse and help her fall back asleep.

    1. are you co-sleeping still? that is why, she smells milk :) If i went to bed right after her, i could get between 8 and 10 hours of sleep! wouldn't that be amazing! :) I joke my dream vacation right now is a hotel room and a bed and days of uninterrupted sleep