30 March 2012

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Backyard Baseball

I have always been a baseball fan, especially as a kid. My first memory of playing involved the BIG RED BAT. I'm talking bigger than average whiffle ball style plastic. This bat was awesome because it was so easy to hit the ball.
We have always had a nice backyard. My father has this amazing green thumb so our grass was always green, thick and incredibly soft (for grass). On warm summer evenings, my neighbors would come out from all over and wind up in our back yard, to play baseball. Lets see if i can remember Bill P, Adam R, Lynn and Alan W., that redhead Nichole from up the street, Me, Lori, and of course my dad was there. I couldn't have been more than 5 because i was rocking the JAMS and i don't remember having a little brother yet. But we made bases and we played ball! It was so much fun how all the kids came over to our house. We must have had the best yard, or the coolest dad or something. You don't think about the "WHY" at the time, Why is everyone coming over to my house, but you'd have to think it has something to do with a dad who wants to play with the kids. My dad was pretty good for that. Maybe i can get him to scan some pics in this weekend for me!

Those summer days were the best. We would play until it was time to go to bed, and I remember the screens would be open on the windows, and i could hear the kids playing in someone else's yard once we retired for the night. I also remember feeling pretty upset that i had to go to bed and it was still (barely) light out. Why couldn't I stay up later like the big kids? I guess that was the only WHY that struck my mind. Isn't it funny how kids are always fighting sleep? I see that now in my daughter and she's still just a wee one. She hates going to bed or taking naps when Rick and I are around, she is so afraid that she is going to miss out on something. She knows that mommy and daddy bring the party.

I see a lot of my dad in Rick. He is such a great father and always ready to take the kids and go play. He's also a great pillow for naptime, he knows when it's time to be serious.  My nephews will agree, Uncle Rick is one big ball of energy and everyone loves him. ESPECIALLY me and baby Sloan. 

I can't wait to create our own backyard baseball memories for Sloan and any other kids we hope to be blessed with along the way.

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