27 March 2012

BIG Bear is Scary

All of a sudden BIG BEAR is SCARY! sloan does NOT like him AT ALL! We even saw his brothers at costco this weekend and showed him to sloan again, and her reaction was to refuse to look at him.
Here, i will show you the documented events as i tried to snap her 8 month photo with Big Bear.

What? You are talking to me Bear?
No, I think i will crawl away, you scare me!

mommy, please quit making me sit with Big Bear :(
see? i will escape again!

He is so scary
i don't like this

Now i will flail both arms in protest!
i just dont' like it

i will not look at you!
escaping again!

mommy this is pure misery!

what? daddy will stand behind you and make me smile now?

daddy tell mommy to stop!
What daddy?

you mean stop crying for just one second?

That dance you're dancing sure is silly! But i won't smile...

Take THAT mean old bear!

i am so done!

 This, as you recall, was our finished project. It was nested somewhere in between crying and looking at daddy making silly noises behind the camera. I sure hope she overcomes fear of Big Bear, we have 4 more months of pictures to take!

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