29 March 2012

Baby's first CANDY?!

eating apple while waiting at Target for our doc appointment 

Ok before you say it, i know what you might be thinking. She is only 8 months old, how in the world did the baby have candy already? Yeah go ahead and give me the mom of the year award, i know i deserve it. After all, childhood obesity is on the rise and Sloan's father is a type I diabetic (though not genetic), just what we need to do is get this kid hooked on sugar. Yeah..

Napping it out on daddy's chest
But it isn't as bad as you think, and maybe you do think it is a great idea to give an infant a little taste of sweet manufactured goodness, containing only natural ingredients such as : Sugar, Corn Syrup, Citric Acid, Malic Acid, Salt, Artificial Flavor, Color Added (Includes Red 40, Yellow 6, Yellow 5, Blue 1).

Ok ok i jest. This isn't a habitual thing (or is it). Sloan's diet consists of all organic, homemade baby foods. She eats chicken, avocado, rice, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, apples, pears, plums, blueberries, broccoli, sweet peas, green beans (sort of), peaches, mango, butternut squash, and puffs. ALL ORGANIC. The "organic" label on the puffs might be stretching it a little, but who am I to question the FDA. If they allowed the puff maker to use the label, then it must be true, though let me add, we allow her to eat very few puffs.

Last week, baby Sloan had a fever and had to leave school early. Since she had been coughing all week and her snot had turned green (yes i know, nice visual) i decided to take her to the doctor to check her out, ears included. I'll have you know, her ears are beautiful (thank you organic breast milk)! But her throat was red and if it felt anything like mine was feeling, it had to be bothering her. Her fever started out at 100.7 that morning but after her nap, crept up to 101.8. By the time we got to the doctor it was 102, so they administered baby advil and sent us home. (The next day, her fever spiked at 103 and it was very scary but baby girl took it in stride. She's so wonderful!)

Running a Fever of 103
At the checkout counter, there is a bucket of Mini-dumdums. I always let Sloan put her hand in the bucket and grab one (or two or three) She gets to chew on the wrapper for a short while before i take it away from her. Yes, i am literally taking candy from a baby. I then proceed to stick the [still wrapped] candy into my mouth to see why she loves it so much only to realize that she can taste the yummy goodness that is candy, through the wrapper. It's just a taste, and her momma [that's me] LOVES candy. i am somewhat of an addict. Not the chocolate stuff, but the pure sugar type, willy wonka being my absolute favorite maker. Well him, and the cotton candy machine.  Pure Heaven! I digress. Since I am such a fan of hard candy (and chewy candy too), i take sloans sucker and eat it myself. Yes, as i said before - I am taking candy from the baby. Earlier this month, Sloan had to get round two of her flu shot. This was the first time I had ever let her taste the sucker. I unwrapped it and let it touch her tongue. That was it. Just a taste and she seemed happy.

This time however, i waited until we got home, and it was lunch time. Sloan did not want to eat her food, probably because of the sore throat. She even refused to open her mouth to try the bite. She is pretty funny stubborn.  So i took out her sucker and bribed her with it,  got her to open the hatch, offered a taste, and then switched it up for some food. Here, watch for yourself and pardon the shaky camera, its hard to feed a baby AND film it flawlessly. It didn't take long for my sick and tired baby to become a little sugar crazed! Her mood was instantly lifted!


Sloan now says a few things, one is "All Done". I say this when we are done eating and i use sign language. I have told this to Rick who probably up till now was like yeah sure, whatever you say dear. BUT we showed this video to Sloan and when we go to the part where i'm telling her "all done" she actually looked at the video and said "ALL DONE".  Rick is my witness! So now we have mama, dada, and all done! She also squeals with delight when she sees the dog and i think she is saying "HEY DOGGY", as well as "HI!"  She talks the dogs ears off, but typically when i start the video she clams up. Baby doesn't like an audience. Its really just the first 10 seconds that are super cute. The rest are some grunts and then she wants to get down. I love her little language she shares with the dog!



  1. Her little tongue trying to figure out that sucker is adorable!! Of course she knows sweets are awesome, ha! I'm at work so I'm watching the videos with no sound, but they are still super sweet. Glad she's feeling better!

  2. That was just too cute! Thanks for sharing your beautiful little gal :0)