07 February 2012

Sharing germs comes so easy to babies!

I am starting to loathe dislike daycare. It seems to be a cesspool for infection and disease. I love love love the teachers, but the germs, not so much! My child will learn one day to share toys, but sharing viruses is done so freely and generously! I really need to ramp up on my vitamins and stop her from giving me all those slobbery kisses, but they're just so sweet!

Saturday was a great day. Rick and i cleaned our house in preparation for a super bowl party. We had a lovely day with Sloan, it was just a great, rainy day. I had actually just read this in the news last week:


And then it hit me. It was sneaky. i was in the garage painting refinishing our new headboard and i started feeling nauseous. I hadn't eaten too too much that day, a bowl of oatmeal, some curry rice for lunch coupled with two drumsticks (ice cream not chicken) (I was gloating in the fact that I was now below my 17 year old yearly physical weight - and if you knew me in high school, i was the image of "fitness") I felt great up till that point. But the icky feeling hit me and i decided to venture back inside. My goal was to finish the projects so that Rick could once again park inside, but it just wasn't happening. I resigned myself to bed. About an hour later I venture back downstairs. I puked and showered and was requesting that Rick please make me some chicken noodle soup. I needed something to coat my stomach. He went to the store and fixed it for me while i rested on the couch watching "The Pirates who didn't do Anything" wearing his fancy Brookstone wireless headphones. I ate my soup, and satisfied, went back upstairs to bed. Only it wasn't that simple. I puked again, Rick came upstairs to help me back to bed, and i fell into a deep sleep. It was sick but it wasn't THAT SICK...

A few hours later, a wave of pain hit my abdomen and i rushed to the bathroom. Rick was still downstairs watching one of the many films in our Netflix Instant Queue, and I was hit with another eerie feeling. I got back in bed, and it hit again, only this time it felt very very wrong. The feeling was more of a " I'm going to pass out and puke simultaneously". I called for Rick but the silence from the room below me told me that he was watching tv with his headphones on. Luckily I thought fast and grabbed my lamp remote.

Here's an Aside... ok ok, i'm a bit of a geek here. Rather than have to click the lamp on and off daily, i purchased a remote, intended for holiday light type of use, but i find them handy for our living room lamps, and i purchased a second one for the bedroom, The only caveat is that the bedroom is above the living room and one remote controls both, so i can turn the lights on upstairs and downstairs. The first couple of nights when i would go upstairs I thought that someone was breaking into my house and leaving the lamps on. Seriously. Then i put two and two together, and that was that. Now back to my story....

I grabbed the remote and started clicking the lights on and off as fast as i could, sort of a "deaf man's doorbell" I did this as i ran back into the bathroom, i don't remember much after that until i'm lying on the floor (in a pool of my vomit) looking up at rick. I remember this feeling of spinning around really really fast, trying to open my eyes, but they just wouldn't. Sort of like i was in a washing machine 

The way rick tells it is much more dramatic, but he has a flare for this sort of thing. He says i looked dead. My pupils got really really big and my eyes then rolled into the back of my head and i started convulsing. I guess i had a seizure or two. They didn't last very long, but it was enough to scare the crap out of him. He calmly gathered me together, got me dressed, and instructed that we were going to the hospital. It was either that or call an ambulance. 

I remember feeling so small. Like a child. As he took me in his arms and took care of me. I was totally out of it. I asked, Is Sloan ok? yes. But she didn't get sick right? no. But she is sleeping? yes. But we are going to the hospital? yes. But can we just stay here? no. Ok. I found some slipper boots and pajama pants, washed the vomit out of my hair while rick held me up, and got in the car, Puke bucket in my hands. Next enters Rick and Sloan. Sloan was sound asleep but now wide awake and all smiles! Where are we going, her eyes were saying. Mommy is sick and we have to take her to the hospital. On the way to the ER, i managed to send out a text message to everyone coming to our house the following day telling them the party was cancelled due to illness.

We pull up to the ER, I made Rick drop me off while he and Sloan parked and he used the stroller. The security guard put me in a wheel chair as i checked myself in, barely able to hold my head up, let alone stand. I handed her my ID and my insurance card, and scribbled a few things on the piece of paper and signed it. I didn't have to wait to be seen in triage, i was instantly granted a room, and within five minutes given an IV. IN the few minutes it did take me to check in, Rick and sloan arrived. Sloan had a huge grin on her face when she saw me, but that grin quickly turned to concern.  The vomiting resumed, and Sloan was on the verge of crying, i looked into those big scared eyes, and told her it was ok, and i managed a smile for her to reassure her and she smiled back. Somehow she knew to be concerned for her mom. Rick said that once they wheeled me back the same concerned look overtook her face again. What a sweet sweet girl!

Once the IV was in, Rick and Sloan were allowed to enter the room. We were all exhausted, after all it was 1 o'clock in the morning. My body was aching all over and I had the worst headache. They finally put some anti-vomiting goodness into my IV to help me. 

The seizure they suspect, was caused by the stress of the vomiting and virus coursing through my system. Sometimes the body just needs to reboot. Yeah, tell that to the bruise on the back of my head. My CT scan came back normal, and once they got me to quit vomiting, and drain 2 iv bags, they wrote me some scripts and sent us home. We managed to sleep on and off during that time in the ER.

On a side note the dog is now also quarantined. While we were at the ER , guess who cleaned up the vomit off the bathroom floor?

I feel like its only a matter of time before Rick and Sloan get this Norovirus, but I am praying that I took the hit for everyone and maybe the sickness will pass over our family with me being the only victim! Sunday i did NOT get out of bed. Rick brought Sloan to me when she got hungry and I did not move. I ate a baked potato. Monday I managed to get downstairs for a bit, i had a baked potato and a some mac n cheese. The nausea hit me again so i took some phenergan and went to bed. Today I ate a little oatmeal and have drank a lot of water. I'm still not feeling 50%, but I am hoping to try to get back to work tomorrow or at least eat something a little more solid. I sure do miss food! Rick is doing an awesome job taking care of me and the baby! He is making sure i get enough water because " I don't want your milk to dry up, you have made it so far!" Isn't he a sweetheart!

My goodness - what a horrible start to the new year thus far! The really great news is that we now have Hawaii on the horizon.

Say a prayer for my little family! We are sick and tired of being sick and tired!

i spoke with my doctor today (2/8) and we think that Rick may have overreacted about me having a seizure and that i had actually just fainted. If you talk to Rick he will tell you i looked dead and he was scared b/c he thought he lost me. This makes me giggle (sorry rick) poor rick, but if you think about vomiting and fainting simultaneously, it might make you convulse a little, but nothing of grand proportions.
I also wanted to add that I wash my hands so much they are sooo dry. I bleach all of sloans toys and all of the doorknobs once i put her to bed every night. There isn't much more that i can do to be proactive, so Rick, darling, please quit drinking after me while stating that your catching this is inevitable. It's not!


  1. Oh my. You are so lucky to have that wonderful man! Spoken like a loving mom - worried about your little girl. Wash, wash, wash your hands and that will stop the spread. Poor Ellie - hope she doesn't get it - that would be tough:0( Take good care. Cyber hugs.

  2. That sounds really scary, but your husband sounds wonderful for stepping up to take care of you and staying calm at the same time. Hope you knock out the rest of this virus soon and it doesn't move to anyone else in your house!

  3. Ugh, I know what you mean about daycare. RSV is going around in our area, and I'm worried Jade will get that next. The stomach bug I had in December wasn't nearly as bad as what you're describing. I hate puking more than just about anything, and I don't think I would have been as tough as you! I hope you continue to feel better! Surely your breastmilk will pass on antibodies to Sloan so she doesn't get it too!