01 February 2012

Raising a Beaver

Do [did] you ever feel like raising an infant is sort of like raising a beaver? 
Every sunday when we go to church, Sloan will drop throw her toys down and start gnawing on the wooden arm of the chair. She chews on the vacuum cord (if i would let her). She chews on her hands, her feet, her toys, the dog. Now, I know this is normal, but on the 28th of this month, Rick got a surprise as she chewed on his finger. He felt a tooth! And yesterday morning, i noticed the other one was also coming in, just barely below the surface. My friend Brittanay remarked, Aw, you're about to have a beaver on your hands. I guess because of the two teeth, though someone else reminded me that beavers have the top two teeth pronounced. Either way, it sure is cute!

I'm very excited for her teeth but very sad that her "gummy" smile is soon to be a thing of the past. Frozen teething rings are quickly becoming part of her favorite things! Another milestone added to the baby book, First Tooth, 28 Jan 2012: Lower Left Incisor.

Speaking of milestones: on the 29th, Sloan rolled from her back to her front. It was only a matter of time. She can now roll in either direction from her back!  The first time she did this, I had left a [closed] soda can near her on the floor. That in itself was motivation since none of her toys were doing the job. She is getting the hang of it and can almost roll over on command [wait, that's the dog]. I sure do have one happy baby! And for that i feel oh so very blessed! 


  1. Ah she is so cute! And as excited as we are about teeth, we hate to see the gummy smile go as well. And yay for rolling over!! Can she teach my kid? :)

  2. You are blessed my dear! You have one beautiful little gal there - gummy smile or not :0)

  3. I cannot WAIT for Jade's first tooth to pop through. That damn thing is taking its sweet time and can't seem to make up its mind on when it will appear. I keep having dreams that I wake up and see a tooth, but then there's nothing there in the mornings!

    BTW, I learned recently that teething lowers a baby's immune system. So, I guess that also could explain why both of our little ones have been sick lately!