20 February 2012

7 Months: First Words, Snow, and Movement!

I'll start from the "now" and work backwards.
As of today, we have a crawler. I just got back from feeding Sloan her lunch and set her down to play with her for a bit before I came back to work. This is my daily routine. I take an hour lunch break in her classroom. Sloan has been very close to crawling. Not hands and knees crawling but she moves her feet and legs and her arms. Since her love of all things paper is quite evident, today i played a game with her. I pulled out a $5 bill from my pocket and waved it in front of her. I let her feel it with her hands and then i moved it to a place she couldn't reach it. I kept back it up and she moved across the entire mat. She uses her arms and legs, but its more with her legs straight and pushing with her feet and toes. She stretches her arms out, gathers herself together, and stretches again. I think the material of the slick mat helped, but baby girl has to learn somehow. I was just so proud that once again I got to catch a first while visiting her for lunch! Another reason that SAS really is the best place to work.
I just crawled so let me rest!
This past weekend my parents came to visit ! I was very excited to see them, we hadn't seen them since Christmas. Saturday was sunny and beautiful and we went for a long walk to the park and let Sloan swing. Sunday, Sloan turned 7 months old and Grandpa Sloan turned 61! In contrast to a sunny warm Saturday, on Sunday it rained all day, and by the time my parents left, it started to really pour down. A few hours later that rained turned to sleet and then to snow. We contemplated waking Sloan up to see the snow but realizing she won't understand and it would mess with her sleep, we left her alone but vowed to get a pic of her on the deck in the morning before it melted, and i'm glad we did because it melted FAST!
Baby's first SNOW!!!
Sloan is quite the talker. Every time she cries, it sounded like mahhhh mahhhh, it was pretty pitiful but i would tell Rick she's saying my name. Well sure enough, she said it. Mama. But its more like mamamamamamamama. I did manage to get her on video. I asked, What's my name. She thought for a moment, practiced moving her lips, and then said, MaMa and flashed me a big smile. That's my girl! Now in her crib she calls for me when she wakes up. How can i resist getting out of bed!

She has also said, Buh Buh but i'm not sure what that means,  and more recently, Da which I believe was pointed at Rick.  So its mamamamama and da. I am ok with that. Sloan also says heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy at the dog, or when someone enters the room. Maybe not every time, but it really does sound like she is saying "hey". And the other morning, she said, what sounded like "i love you" and when i said it back, she got this huge grin as if to say, "you understand me mom".

Sloan with Mimi.

Sloan with Grandpa 

This is my bear!
Happy 7 Months baby Sloan!


  1. Go Sloan!! You're going to have to give me pointers on how to get Jade to say "Mama" because all she wants to do is say "Dada" all day long! :)

  2. She is growing so fast! You've got yourself a beautiful little gal :0)

  3. She had a big month! Crawling, and saying mama? I bet that is the sweetest word you've ever heard!

  4. I call that crawl the Army crawl. My son's first word was Bubba (my dog's name).