11 January 2012

a SOLID start to the New Year!

Baby Sloan has shown a lot of interest in eating real food. She doesn't ignore us anymore, in fact, she stares us down with those intense blue eyes of hers and watches, smacking her lips and opening her mouth, waiting for her turn. I guess you could say she is literally Chomping at the Bit.

To start with, i invested in a pack of nice spoons from Baby Beaba. Holy Cow talk about expensive, these spoons cost $20/pack which means $5 a spoon. I had a gift card and free shipping so i went for it. Only the best for my baby girl and when i misplaced one the other day I, nearly  sort of, flipped out. Of course it was just misplaced in the diaper bag since that is how it traveled to play at Grandpa Sloan and Mimi's house for Christmas, nonetheless, i do not wish to lose her spoons.Beaba Soft Spoons, Set of 4
Over Christmas Break, Sloan was given her spoon to play with. I had posted pics of this in our Top Ten Toy countdown. Once we returned from our holiday, we decided to try Sloan with some Avocado. I plan to make all of her baby food from organic foods. This is the only way i know that she is getting real and fresh ingredients. Yes i'm sure its illegal for food makers to put things in food not on the label, but did you hear about the recalled , BAD FORMULA?  I would be LIVID if my child drank something that killed her. No, livid would not even begin to express how i would feel about it. I would probably go postal, ape shi* crazy, .nevermind... I don't even want to entertain that thought.

While the AAP doesn't recommend starting solids until baby is six months of age, we waited a pretty long time. And i really WANTED to wait until her 6 month birthday BUT i also wanted to do this at a time convenient for us.  So I took an avocado, mashed it up with a fork, and put it in a bowl. Her first face was so funny to watch, I do not have pics but we do have it on film which eventually will make it to youtube or something. She gagged. At first i was alarmed but - duh, she's been drinking nothing but milk for the past 6 months, texture and consistency are not part of her diet. But alas, she ate the avocado and loved it. The next time we tried avocado, I added some breast milk which was actually interesting because I didn't have any freshly expressed milk handy but some ladies had told me how you should add it to the food to thin it out to help with the consistency thing. (oooooooh), and my inlaws were in town, so i had to run up to my bedroom with a little bowl and hand express there. No Big Deal. If the things we dedicated mothers did could be caught on film, it would be quite entertaining to say the least!

When introducing new foods, it is important to practice the rule of four, meaning, wait until the fourth day before trying a new food. This is important in the event your child is allergic to something. You can quickly identify the culprit rather than trying to pick them apart, one by one.

On January 4th, I made homemade rice cereal from organic brown rice. She didn't LOVE it at all, and probably wore more than she ate. I made it very runny to see if that would help but i don't think it mattered. This picture is classic, "baby food" right? See the rice in her "hair"?
rice cereal attempt number one
the next night i tried Avocado mixed with Rice Cereal and had much success. I have these little Tupperware containers that were quite useless to me over the past 4 years and suddenly i have the Aha! moment! You know, where you realize that you have the perfect thing for the job of storing One Tablespoon Servings of baby food at a time. 
avocado with rice cereal
Last night i tried butternut squash. She loved it! Despite the faces you are seeing here, she really did enjoy all of the food! So far she is proving to be a good eater. I think next we will try Green Beans. Maybe her daddy will also learn to eat them! So far he has worked his way up to 1/4 cup of vegetables at dinner. At this rate, Sloan will be a much better eater than daddy. At least we hope so!


  1. Love the progress - on both your parts :0)

  2. Sounds like some great foods to start! Issy definitely eats more vegetables than I think I ever ate as a child... I too am hoping that this stays :)