20 January 2012

Happy HALF birthday baby girl!

(Posting a day late)
Have six months flown by already?
I am a BIG fan of half birthdays because I only get one every four years. Yep, my "half birthday" is on Leap Day! So I will make sure my children get to celebrate theirs! And this will be the first of many, especially since Sloan will be on summer vacation for her birthday, unless we do year round schooling, but that isn't something we should be concerned with just yet. Today I sang to Sloan for her half birthday. She LOVED it! She smiles so big when i sing to her. Its nice to have a Number one fan!

Sloan is six months old and 16 lbs 12 oz. We will get her other measurements next week at her checkup, but with my tape measure I think she is around 27-28 inches long... Probably 27" because if she were 28" she would be off the charts! After school today we will take our picture with Mr. Bear
Here is our picture with MR BEAR (who i'm sure she will rename once she can talk)  

Sloan can sit alone about a minute now. She does her "airplane" arms to balance.She also does her airplane arms on her stomach and while standing. She loves to stand and will often remain straight-legged when we try to sit her down. Getting her into the high chair is often a challenge.
Sloan can roll over from her stomach to her back, though she most often chooses not to (she has only done it  about 8 times). but she can roll from her stomach to either sides. She can also roll from her back to her side and nearly all the way over but then rolls back. Her daycare teachers state that she is so content to play with her hands or feet or just lie there and blow raspberries, that she is in no rush. They term her a "laid back baby" [there's a little of Daddy's disposition after all!] These are good things. Some babies learn to roll and use it to get places like to a toy or electrical outlet. Sloan drops a toy and decides to chew on her bib. She's just that happy .
She CAN "face scoot" a few inches forward, and she gets up on her knees quite well. I think before long she will be crawling! I think it is time to baby proof the house !

 Baby in a bucket! Sloan has such a cute personality. She is a lot like her mommy. Very happy most of the time, but when she gets upset, she goes from zero to 60 in 3 seconds! Looks like daddy might have another Ferrari on his hands! fortunately I have learned to control myself, and so will Sloan.

Sloan likes to play peek a boo, and will take her burp cloth in both hands and pull it up and down quickly over her face. She likes to sing. She also likes to spit... This is not my favorite thing she does, but when your baby is so cute, its hard to do anything other than laugh and smile. Life is too short.

Cat and Dog
Sloan is really enjoying her solids! tonight we plan to try green beans. Her daddy is also going to try them and smile while doing so. Between her hobby of spitting and eating, dinner time is quite entertaining. I think i might need to start wearing a raincoat!
Currently the sleeping trend is from 745pm-445am! What a relief. We went through a short period where she was waking up between 12 and 2 am to eat, but I think now that we are regularly eating solids, she is no longer doing that. One thing that has helped tremendously is sticking to a routine. I know it is hard to put the baby to bed at 7/730 when i am away from her all day, but when we let her get overly tired and then try to put her to sleep, she doesn't fall asleep as well or stay asleep. It is for her own good. Plus i get to have some "me time" or "us time" in the evenings before going to bed myself.

I am really enjoying every single second with this child and am so grateful that God put her in our lives.


  1. I love your post updates, love all of you, miss you and really wish we were closer to see all the tricks................Grammy

  2. She looks so sassy in that first picture. Happy half-birthday, Sloan!

  3. Look at those big blue eyes! She is so cute! My daughter is close to her in age and I love coming across new blogs and reading about babies her age. Chloe pretty much refuses to roll over too. I like the whole "she's laid back" reasoning - I think I'll use that too. :)