12 January 2012

Catching up on Firsts!

I am so far behind in this blog so i want to catch up a little from Sloan's First Thanksgiving and Christmas to a few other lists of firsts...

First Thanksgiving: November 24. In attendance were Sloan's half sister and brothers (Lindsey, Max and Spencer), Great Aunt Dolores and Uncle Jerry, Second Cousin David, Grammy and Granddad Beeman, and of course her Mom and Dad)

First Turkey Coma

Meeting her GREAT GRANDPARENTS, first we have Great Mamaw, who had just suffered a stroke a week prior to our visit. I would say she looks pretty darn great! Sloan is the FIRST GREAT GRANDDAUGHTER and Mamaw was SO excited to FINALLY get a girl!
Next we have Great Grandma Sloan (F.). My Grandpa Sloan died in 1978, and she remarried in the 90s i believe hence the (F.) but she will ALWAYS be Grandma Sloan! 

 My personal favorite (sorry Gmas), this is my Papaw. Sloan's only biological Great Grandfather! He is GREAT with her!  (added two pics from Xmas as well)

Sloan Violet's second cousin Cadence DeLaine K. They are about four months apart, and my cousin Charlies first of many we hope! This was taken in September and I meant to get a pic of them together at Xmas but it was sleepy time and i never go around to it though they did play together a bit. I expect them to be buddies next Christmas.

 Sloan's first hair piece. Granddad B. would be so proud (and jealous). Backstory, Don wore a hair piece since the 60s ( i think if not sooner) and i asked him if he would quit wearing it when rick and i started having kids. He agreed and shortly after, (3 months to be exact) we got pregnant! And I LOVE the change in him.

Sloan's First Christmas in her first chair!

Are you looking at me?

Baby in a stocking!

Cute, but... GET ME DOWN!
 Sloan's first Christmas MESS! Look at all those toys!!!

Sloan's first SLOAN FAMILY Christmas! 
can you believe there are at least 11 people missing!?

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  1. What fun! I love her little chair! I'm sure our dogs would steal Jade's if we got her one....