07 December 2011

Dear Santa....

Dear Santa
I am only going to be 5 months and 6 days old for my first Christmas so I won't remember writing this letter!
I know i look scared in this picture but that's only because when i pulled on your beard, I discovered that it was real, and it sort of took me off guard! You ARE the real Santa Claus. Yikes!
I've been a very good girl this year, and I think i would just like some snow. So if you can make it snow, I will be forever grateful! But if you can't do that, then I would like some stacking rings and a doggy toy named Violet. My real doggie Ellie might be jealous, but maybe you can bring her some bones and then we will all be happy.
I am going to leave you some cookies and milk, but if i drink all the milk, its only because i'm a growing baby and the only milk we have in the fridge is mine - ALL MINE!  Thank you for being a good sport and not getting upset when i wrapped your beard around my little fingers.  I can't wait for my first Christmas!


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