12 December 2011

Around the House...

Since I was planning on moving to Dubai a little over a year ago and sold off all of my Christmas decorations, this year I am starting from scratch, minus a few sentimental ornaments and our stockings. It is kind of a pain to have to completely start over, but we agreed that we would wait until the day after Christmas to stock up for next year, so for now, I am making a list of what i need to purchase to really Deck the Halls around the house. As for this year, I purchased a plain wreath and decorated it myself with flower wire and some inexpensive ornaments. I also strung the inside of the wreath form with jingle bells so that it has a nice sound to it. Will the ornaments stay on? Who really knows, but for $15 and something I can say I did all by myself, I think it looks pretty nice. 
We did go ahead and purchase some LED Christmas lights and a used artificial Tree. We may hang onto the tree for the next few years just to get some good use of it (though i'm certain we already got our moneys worth) I take pride in my frugal ways and am constantly looking for new ways to save a buck or two.
Santa is going to be very good to Sloan this year! We are really looking forward to spending our first Christmas in our new house with our new little baby. The best is yet to come!

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