23 December 2011

Sloan's Top Ten

Here are the top 10 things that SLOAN loves to play with right now:

10. Elephant Titus aka "Ellie the dog"!
 As Sloan grows older I believe Ellie will quickly hit #1 toy and playmate. Ellie LOVES playing dress up and one day, so will Sloan.

9. Activity Center.

we expect this to increase in importance as she gets older. Sloan loves to read her cloth book that crinkles while we eat dinner. She has also started paying attention to the books I am reading to her at night and will stop nursing to look at the pages. She is a very curious baby.

7. Play Mat.
6. The Music Table!
Sloan LOVES music! It makes her so happy. She has a music table that she LOVES. She can make it play music too

5. Sophie the Giraffe!
By far the most expensive toy we've purchased, but Sophie is the BEST teething toy. She is an import from Paris France and worth every penny! We expect Sloan to use Sophie more and more as her teeth start to come in. We expect her to have her bottom teeth in the next few months.

4. Sloan LOVES her Hands and Feet. Just this week at 5 months old, Sloan pulled off her own socks! She is constantly using her feet to play with toys, and if she keeps this up, she will probably be headed for a wonderful soccer career like her mother. 

Nothing is more accessible than ones own body parts - Hours of endless fun, they bend, they stretch, they fit inside the mouth with ease, coming in at number four its her hands and fingers! Perfect for teething, gnawing, and interlacing. We just can't keep her hands away and why would we?

3. Captain Calamari!
He's actually an Octopus but either way, this pirate toy has eight legs of fun! He crinkles, he has rings, his feet are easy to put in the mouth, and underneath is a surprise mirror!

2.  Lots of Links! Seriously these are the best toy you can get and i'm not sure why i waited so long to get them. We have it rigged so her toys are connected and hang from the "dry cleaning" hook in the car and over her carseat. She LOVES the links and often chews on them as much as the toy itself. 


1.Manhattan Toy Winkel.
 This toy didn't win awards for nothing! Easy to grab and hold, Sloans first real toy that she would grasp and keep hold of. She shakes it and chews it. The only drawback is when her arm gets stuck in the intricacy and she can't shake herself free.Also, according to these pictures, it is a great sleep inducer.

We expect this list to change as Sloans growing needs change. She will be getting new toys for Christmas and we are excited to see how well she likes them. Her Grammy and Grandad Beeman gave her the first Christmas present and since it was green (and going into her savings account), she enjoyed playing with the bow and gift tag! We are quite certain that Sloan will also like to play with the wrapping paper and boxes over the actual toys for the next few years but she IS our first child, and because of that, she will certainly be spoiled!

My predictions for the next few months are SPOON, Christmas Toys, and Pots and Pans. Its just about time to baby proof the house! 

20 December 2011

Happy Five Months Baby Girl!

Sloan is wearing her hand knitted sweater dress from my dear friends the Dugas' knit by Nommy. Nommy is the grandmother of the four kids i babysat through high school and college.

Sloan is now five months old. She is still the sweetest baby in the world! Yesterday her friend Ruth Claire gave her kisses on her arm and cheek. RC is five weeks older than Sloan and in her class. They are going to be best friends!

14 December 2011

One step back

For the times I think you are just so big,
I lay you down and take a step back
and remember you are still so small.

12 December 2011

Around the House...

Since I was planning on moving to Dubai a little over a year ago and sold off all of my Christmas decorations, this year I am starting from scratch, minus a few sentimental ornaments and our stockings. It is kind of a pain to have to completely start over, but we agreed that we would wait until the day after Christmas to stock up for next year, so for now, I am making a list of what i need to purchase to really Deck the Halls around the house. As for this year, I purchased a plain wreath and decorated it myself with flower wire and some inexpensive ornaments. I also strung the inside of the wreath form with jingle bells so that it has a nice sound to it. Will the ornaments stay on? Who really knows, but for $15 and something I can say I did all by myself, I think it looks pretty nice. 
We did go ahead and purchase some LED Christmas lights and a used artificial Tree. We may hang onto the tree for the next few years just to get some good use of it (though i'm certain we already got our moneys worth) I take pride in my frugal ways and am constantly looking for new ways to save a buck or two.
Santa is going to be very good to Sloan this year! We are really looking forward to spending our first Christmas in our new house with our new little baby. The best is yet to come!

07 December 2011

Dear Santa....

Dear Santa
I am only going to be 5 months and 6 days old for my first Christmas so I won't remember writing this letter!
I know i look scared in this picture but that's only because when i pulled on your beard, I discovered that it was real, and it sort of took me off guard! You ARE the real Santa Claus. Yikes!
I've been a very good girl this year, and I think i would just like some snow. So if you can make it snow, I will be forever grateful! But if you can't do that, then I would like some stacking rings and a doggy toy named Violet. My real doggie Ellie might be jealous, but maybe you can bring her some bones and then we will all be happy.
I am going to leave you some cookies and milk, but if i drink all the milk, its only because i'm a growing baby and the only milk we have in the fridge is mine - ALL MINE!  Thank you for being a good sport and not getting upset when i wrapped your beard around my little fingers.  I can't wait for my first Christmas!