01 November 2011

Three Month Pics

The pics from yesterdays post were taken in our three month photo session, but there are a few others I would like to share as well. AW Sapp is quite a talented photographer!

Since three months fell into October, we went ahead and did her shoot in the costumes I had, the caterpillar/butterfly, and her skeleton. With some naked baby pics in the mix. Sloan currently weighs 14 pounds and is probably around 24 inches long. Her three month old sleepers no longer fit because she is too tall. She looks out the window when we drive, except for the times she falls asleep. She likes to grab everything, especially mommy's hair, and puts most things right into her mouth (but not mommy's hair). She interlaces her fingers when she can, and is still searching for her thumb, but has settled for sucking on her fist! She makes about 100 different faces, and loves to talk to us. Sloan sleeps through the night, averaging 9 hours a night, but last night gave us 10.5 hours of solid sleep! Her hair is really starting to grow, and it is blonde and light brown.

 Towards the end of the shoot, we tried to get Sloan to smile. Its funny because when it is sloan, myself and my iphone, she smiles away. I have captured countless smiles from her, i call her my little smile bucket. But with the portrait session and all the flashing bulbs, she was all business, with the exception of the one smile he captured in her Caterpillar suit. Oh well. There is always next month.

Seriously, don't you have enough yet?

Starting to get hungry!

So done with this! Mommy please feed me now!


  1. It's so funny how they can go from being completely fine with the pictures to mad and ready to throw a fit! We usually have to do multiple mini sessions for Jade's monthly pics. :)

    Sloan is beautiful!

  2. She is beautiful! Those little eyes were looking tired towards the end - rough work for such a little gal!