03 October 2011

Two point five months

Sloan is 11 weeks old tomorrow. I am pretty sad about returning to work on the 17th... I spend nearly 24 hours a day with my child. She sleeps in her crib sometimes but for the most part she is in her bassinet by our bedside, which is funny because she is so long that she has hardly any room left. The weight limit is 15 lbs, and she is a good 12 lbs now. She is averaging 1 pound every 12 days... And she sleeps better and longer (like 6-7 hours) in her bassinet, so who am i to force her into her own room!

The biggest issue that i'm having is that I am literally a Milk Truck!! If Sloan doesn't wake up to nurse, I have to pump around 5am. I have tried to sleep through it, but the pain of engorgement is too much for me to handle. I have hundreds of ounces frozen for when sloan goes to daycare, even though I am actually going to be walking over to feed her twice a day. It's "just in case" i need it.

Two weeks ago, Sloan had her 2 month appointment and two shots and one oral vaccine.  She cried pretty hard and turned bright red! Of course as soon as I picked her up, she was fine. For her two month checkup, Sloan was 11 lbs 10 ounces, and 23 inches long. A week later,  she  weighed in at 12 lbs. She is really growing fast, so anytime I worry about her getting enough to eat (because it used to take her 30-45 min to nurse and now she is done in 20 minutes most of the time) i think about her chubby legs and realize that she is eating just fine. I am quite blessed to have so much milk and to be able to feed her, i have had several friends that have struggled with milk supply and latching issues etc... I always knew I was supposed to be a mother, and my body has completely supported me!

we are comfortably settled into our new home. We hosted our Bradley birth class reunion which was a lot of fun.  We lined the babies up from oldest to youngest, The first one was born two months early since his mommy had HELPP syndrome, Avery (May 10), Lucas (July 18),  Sloan (July 19), Summer (July 29), Aarnavi (August 1),  Oscar (August 3),  Jake (August 18), and Reagan (September 1). I love these babies and i hope they can all get together at least once a year!

This last pic was neither taken nor edited by me. I say that bc I didn't add the "we did it" to it ! But yes , the babies are proof! We did it. And most of us will do it again!

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