28 October 2011

Talking Back

i make sounds and let Sloan see how i form my lips to make them. She watches intently and then practices. Since she already had the cooing sound down, Ooooo and I was taking her to her first NCSU sporting event (Women's Soccer of course!) I taught her how to HOWL. Owwwwwww. I posted it on facebook. It makes more sense if you could hear me first. She is getting pretty good at repeating sounds. We are working on the "M" sound. Sometimes when she "talks" she lets out a "ma" so I think with enough practice I can get her saying MOMMA. I kid you not, this child is brilliant.
We went to the game, it was actually in the low 70's so it wasnt too cool to be outside, but it was very late! The game started at 7pm and we left just before it was over (around 9pm). Sloan enjoyed the sights and sounds, she looked at the field a little but mostly watched the people watching the game. My friend Ali held her on her lap and got her baby fix! I felt sort of odd being back on campus with a baby, my baby, and I wore her in my Bjorn carrier. People definitely stared at us.
Do i look young enough to be a college student? Maybe. Maybe not.  Maybe they just wanted to see the cute little baby.  Sloan wore her red and white striped leg warmers and my old NCSU tshirt over a white onesie. She was definitely the youngest person at the game and the most stylish! One thing is for sure, I was a walking PSA for all those college kids out there. "Do you SEE what SEX can do for you???"  Babies are cute, but if you're in college, unmarried, and single, its probably something that is better left for the real adults!

Another noise i have been working on with sloan was "Uh Oh". Its just a game. How many sounds can i teach sloan and how many can she mimic/remember. Early this morning on the baby monitor i distinctly hear Sloan say "Uhhhh Ohhhh" I kid you not! And uh oh was right, uh oh, i'm awake and now i have to get my mommy in here to get me up! Early mornings never looked as good to me as they do now
Especially when i get to spend time with this precious face looking back at me and smiling!


  1. She is so, so cute! We are working with Jade on talking too. So far, we've heard her say "hello" and "hi." I'm trying to get her to say "dog" next. :)

  2. I've been taking Avery to do advising with me the last couple weeks. I said the same thing... I think I'm doing a service promoting safe sex. I even joked that maybe I should put a bowl of condoms on my desk.