24 October 2011

Sloans First Flight!!

Did you know that Sloan has two brothers and a sister? She didn't either until we flew her to Texas to meet them although  I doubt she will remember them or the trip.

On October 6th. Sloan took her first flight, she even got her own seat! She didn't cry at all. She is such a good baby! The trip went smoothly. Rick and I probably overpacked for her in the "just in case" scenario, but everything worked out just fine. Typically i dislike Southwest Airlines, i loathe their seating style and lack of seat assignments, but with the baby and the free luggage it made so much sense! Not only did Rick and I both check two bags, we also were able gate check her stroller and since the flights were not full, they allowed us bring her carseat onto the plane, which at first I did not think i would want to do, but once we got in the air and she fell asleep, it was quite nice to be able to place her in her seat so that I could have my arms free. Airplanes aren't the biggest spaces.

The trip went well. Sloan got to see Grammy and Granddad Beeman, we got to celebrate Rick's Birthday at about 4 different restaurants, and Rick was able to have all four of his children together for the first time. Sadly, there will be no pictures posted, but things went about as good as we expected, and maybe even a tiny bit better. We are very excited about thanksgiving. WE will be hosting the family in our home and I will be making our first Beeman Thanksgiving dinner!  If all goes well, we plan to make this a tradition. If i end up burning the Turkey, then we will all have a good laugh, and we will enjoy a decent plan B. i just hope if we default to plan B, the waitstaff sings to us, Fa RA RA RA RA...

If you don't get that reference then you haven't watched enough Holiday Classics.

There is so much more i need to update about Sloan, and I am hoping to do so very soon!


  1. You are braver than me! I haven't traveled anywhere with Jade yet... maybe I'm afraid she's going to be a cranky traveler like her dad. :)

  2. I love Southwest for the same reasons you hate them lol! Love all the pics!