25 October 2011

Bumps in the Road

Looking at these side by side comparisons really shows how big my baby girl has grown! The first picture she is only 1 week old. The second picture is 12 weeks old. Makes you want another tiny baby again doesn't it? It sure does me. But not just yet .... I can't believe how small she was! And now she is giant baby!
Sloan has decided that after being a role model her first week of daycare that she would quit sleeping. Sleep begets sleep, or so they say. Babies need a lot of sleep to grow physically and mentally. The better she naps, the better she sleeps at night, which I have found to be true. So after napping perfectly her first week of "school",   what does Sloan do? She decided yesterday to stop napping which turned into a restless night. i think some of this is the new schedule and some of it is because my baby girl is growing up and observing so much she really doesn't want to miss out on anything !! I think today has gone better so far and we are praying for another good week despite its rocky start!
Sloan is using her hands to hold objects, she shakes her rattles, she eats her rattles, she reaches for and grasps objects, and she likes to interlace her fingers and chew on her hands.
Sloan has discovered our dog Ellie and they have become fast friends.

Ellie, like Rick, cannot wait for Sloan to start moving!
And for the cooler weather we are fast approaching, i made sloan a hat! This is actually the same hat that i made her for when she was first born, but I could not resist adding a little yellow hair to it! So far she has some blonde and light brown hair growing in but it is still so fine and very hard to see!

I forgot to add that when in Texas, Sloan went SWIMMING in the indoor pool! She had so much fun but the water wasn't quite warm enough for us to stay too long, and she still prefers the warm bathtub.

I'm pretty sure i have ONE of the worlds cutest babies!


  1. Cutest swimsuit model ever! :)

    Jade has had some restless days at school too. We recently started taking our pillow that she sleeps on at night, and she seems to like that!

  2. I love love love the updates, a grammy needs these things