31 October 2011

Happy Halloween!

This Halloween, Sloan has asked that i tell you a story....

There once was a very happy little Caterpillar, always smiling and laughing.
Until one day she looked up, and realized, the air was getting cooler, and the sun was no longer shining. It was very scary to this little girl.
Her skin started feeling different. She couldn't explain, but she wanted to tug at herself, as though she were trying to jump out of her own skin. So she went home and slept for a very long time 
After a very long sleep, Sloan the caterpillar felt very different. She was covered by something and she wasn't sure what it was..
.So she stretched out her arms, Only it was no longer her arms, but WINGS!!!
Sloan became a beautiful butterfly!


28 October 2011

Talking Back

i make sounds and let Sloan see how i form my lips to make them. She watches intently and then practices. Since she already had the cooing sound down, Ooooo and I was taking her to her first NCSU sporting event (Women's Soccer of course!) I taught her how to HOWL. Owwwwwww. I posted it on facebook. It makes more sense if you could hear me first. She is getting pretty good at repeating sounds. We are working on the "M" sound. Sometimes when she "talks" she lets out a "ma" so I think with enough practice I can get her saying MOMMA. I kid you not, this child is brilliant.
We went to the game, it was actually in the low 70's so it wasnt too cool to be outside, but it was very late! The game started at 7pm and we left just before it was over (around 9pm). Sloan enjoyed the sights and sounds, she looked at the field a little but mostly watched the people watching the game. My friend Ali held her on her lap and got her baby fix! I felt sort of odd being back on campus with a baby, my baby, and I wore her in my Bjorn carrier. People definitely stared at us.
Do i look young enough to be a college student? Maybe. Maybe not.  Maybe they just wanted to see the cute little baby.  Sloan wore her red and white striped leg warmers and my old NCSU tshirt over a white onesie. She was definitely the youngest person at the game and the most stylish! One thing is for sure, I was a walking PSA for all those college kids out there. "Do you SEE what SEX can do for you???"  Babies are cute, but if you're in college, unmarried, and single, its probably something that is better left for the real adults!

Another noise i have been working on with sloan was "Uh Oh". Its just a game. How many sounds can i teach sloan and how many can she mimic/remember. Early this morning on the baby monitor i distinctly hear Sloan say "Uhhhh Ohhhh" I kid you not! And uh oh was right, uh oh, i'm awake and now i have to get my mommy in here to get me up! Early mornings never looked as good to me as they do now
Especially when i get to spend time with this precious face looking back at me and smiling!

25 October 2011

Bumps in the Road

Looking at these side by side comparisons really shows how big my baby girl has grown! The first picture she is only 1 week old. The second picture is 12 weeks old. Makes you want another tiny baby again doesn't it? It sure does me. But not just yet .... I can't believe how small she was! And now she is giant baby!
Sloan has decided that after being a role model her first week of daycare that she would quit sleeping. Sleep begets sleep, or so they say. Babies need a lot of sleep to grow physically and mentally. The better she naps, the better she sleeps at night, which I have found to be true. So after napping perfectly her first week of "school",   what does Sloan do? She decided yesterday to stop napping which turned into a restless night. i think some of this is the new schedule and some of it is because my baby girl is growing up and observing so much she really doesn't want to miss out on anything !! I think today has gone better so far and we are praying for another good week despite its rocky start!
Sloan is using her hands to hold objects, she shakes her rattles, she eats her rattles, she reaches for and grasps objects, and she likes to interlace her fingers and chew on her hands.
Sloan has discovered our dog Ellie and they have become fast friends.

Ellie, like Rick, cannot wait for Sloan to start moving!
And for the cooler weather we are fast approaching, i made sloan a hat! This is actually the same hat that i made her for when she was first born, but I could not resist adding a little yellow hair to it! So far she has some blonde and light brown hair growing in but it is still so fine and very hard to see!

I forgot to add that when in Texas, Sloan went SWIMMING in the indoor pool! She had so much fun but the water wasn't quite warm enough for us to stay too long, and she still prefers the warm bathtub.

I'm pretty sure i have ONE of the worlds cutest babies!

24 October 2011

Sloans First Flight!!

Did you know that Sloan has two brothers and a sister? She didn't either until we flew her to Texas to meet them although  I doubt she will remember them or the trip.

On October 6th. Sloan took her first flight, she even got her own seat! She didn't cry at all. She is such a good baby! The trip went smoothly. Rick and I probably overpacked for her in the "just in case" scenario, but everything worked out just fine. Typically i dislike Southwest Airlines, i loathe their seating style and lack of seat assignments, but with the baby and the free luggage it made so much sense! Not only did Rick and I both check two bags, we also were able gate check her stroller and since the flights were not full, they allowed us bring her carseat onto the plane, which at first I did not think i would want to do, but once we got in the air and she fell asleep, it was quite nice to be able to place her in her seat so that I could have my arms free. Airplanes aren't the biggest spaces.

The trip went well. Sloan got to see Grammy and Granddad Beeman, we got to celebrate Rick's Birthday at about 4 different restaurants, and Rick was able to have all four of his children together for the first time. Sadly, there will be no pictures posted, but things went about as good as we expected, and maybe even a tiny bit better. We are very excited about thanksgiving. WE will be hosting the family in our home and I will be making our first Beeman Thanksgiving dinner!  If all goes well, we plan to make this a tradition. If i end up burning the Turkey, then we will all have a good laugh, and we will enjoy a decent plan B. i just hope if we default to plan B, the waitstaff sings to us, Fa RA RA RA RA...

If you don't get that reference then you haven't watched enough Holiday Classics.

There is so much more i need to update about Sloan, and I am hoping to do so very soon!

18 October 2011

Return to the "Norm"

Going to work every day was the norm up to about 34 weeks in my pregnancy. For the past 15 weeks, I have been at home. For the last 13 weeks I have had a baby girl to cuddle, feed, and comfort. It has been very hard, but quite rewarding work, but yesterday it was over. My full time job will always be as a mother, but now, I am once again,  a valuable member of my team at SAS.

Day one was not quite as I expected it to be. Sunday night, as Sloan cried when I tried to put her to bed, I too shed a tear. Perhaps we were sharing the same emotions, her sensing mine. But it was short lived. Exhausted from a long Saturday night, we went to sleep. 

Monday morning took a little bit longer to get out the door than I had hoped. Fortunately I have a wonderful and thoughtful husband who surprised me with breakfast while I showered. I think he intended for me to have the breakfast in bed, but I knew that Sloan would wake up soon and I needed to get ready for the day! There were so many things to remember for the first day. Diapers, bottle, changes of clothes and socks. Every day I must bring in a fresh bottle and since I am nursing Sloan, I am only bringing about 2 ounces. Just enough in the event that she is still hungry after i leave. There will be some days that I have to bring a full bottle because I will have meetings, but for this first week, I do not plan on missing a feeding.

On Monday, we arrived after the rush of drop off. Day Care opens at 8:45, so we cannot get there any earlier. This is fine for me, and while Sloan is still an itty bitty girl, my plan is to bring her into my office until daycare opens, and then i will walk over there with her. Monday that was not the plan because of all of the things that we had to carry in with us. Today this is the case but rather than work, i am taking the time to quickly update my blog.

I expected to return to my office and cry my eyes out. I expected to struggle to pull myself away from the building as I walked back to my office. But instead, Sloan fell asleep on the 5 minute drive to campus. As I carried her in, they immediately took her and laid her down in her bed. Sloan has her own bed and it has a colorful mobile, much like the one she has at home in her play center. This was comforting to me, as i am sure it was to her upon waking. I dropped off her things, talked to the teachers briefly, and said goodbye, promising to return in another 90 minutes for her next feeding. I took a deep breath, one last glimpse of my sweet baby girl, and i walked back to my office.

I didn't cry. Sloan didn't cry. And it was ok. All was right in my world.

I came back to my office, and was able to quickly get to my desk without any distraction. I kept my door closed and proceeded to clean up and display the many pictures that I had brought from home. A little while later, i walked back over to feed her. I then grabbed lunch and headed to my office to eat. I smiled all day. All the familiar faces of friends, coworkers and acquaintences was refreshing and uplifting. I was not sad. Sloan was in a great place and so was i! She slept until i returned again at 2:30. The next time i went over, it was time to go home. she ate dinner, then Rick came home and we went for a walk with the dog, had some dinner, and then Sloan took a bath, ate again and went to bed. An hour later I went to bed, exhausted, but feeling pretty good about my wonderful first day. The day flew by, and I am looking forward to today! I know that it will take me a little while to get into a routine and figure out what works for me, but that is just it. I will figure it out. And it will work. Not only will it work, but I am hoping that Sloan THRIVES in her new environment. As a bonus after an exhausting first day,  Sloan SLEPT from 9pm until 6am!! Just what we both needed. 

All is right in our world, as we establish a new normal, I think I can get used to this and it is my prayer that every day can go as great as the first!

03 October 2011

Two point five months

Sloan is 11 weeks old tomorrow. I am pretty sad about returning to work on the 17th... I spend nearly 24 hours a day with my child. She sleeps in her crib sometimes but for the most part she is in her bassinet by our bedside, which is funny because she is so long that she has hardly any room left. The weight limit is 15 lbs, and she is a good 12 lbs now. She is averaging 1 pound every 12 days... And she sleeps better and longer (like 6-7 hours) in her bassinet, so who am i to force her into her own room!

The biggest issue that i'm having is that I am literally a Milk Truck!! If Sloan doesn't wake up to nurse, I have to pump around 5am. I have tried to sleep through it, but the pain of engorgement is too much for me to handle. I have hundreds of ounces frozen for when sloan goes to daycare, even though I am actually going to be walking over to feed her twice a day. It's "just in case" i need it.

Two weeks ago, Sloan had her 2 month appointment and two shots and one oral vaccine.  She cried pretty hard and turned bright red! Of course as soon as I picked her up, she was fine. For her two month checkup, Sloan was 11 lbs 10 ounces, and 23 inches long. A week later,  she  weighed in at 12 lbs. She is really growing fast, so anytime I worry about her getting enough to eat (because it used to take her 30-45 min to nurse and now she is done in 20 minutes most of the time) i think about her chubby legs and realize that she is eating just fine. I am quite blessed to have so much milk and to be able to feed her, i have had several friends that have struggled with milk supply and latching issues etc... I always knew I was supposed to be a mother, and my body has completely supported me!

we are comfortably settled into our new home. We hosted our Bradley birth class reunion which was a lot of fun.  We lined the babies up from oldest to youngest, The first one was born two months early since his mommy had HELPP syndrome, Avery (May 10), Lucas (July 18),  Sloan (July 19), Summer (July 29), Aarnavi (August 1),  Oscar (August 3),  Jake (August 18), and Reagan (September 1). I love these babies and i hope they can all get together at least once a year!

This last pic was neither taken nor edited by me. I say that bc I didn't add the "we did it" to it ! But yes , the babies are proof! We did it. And most of us will do it again!