27 September 2011

Newborn photo shoot

This is a little out of order but i wanted to post some Newborn pics from our first photo shoot.
Courtesy of AW Sapp photography!  

15 September 2011

8 Weeks have FLOWN BY!

Sloan can hold her head up for the most part. She smiles in the mornings more than the afternoons. And now she sleeps at least 6 hours a night 9 times out of 10. We usually play for about a half hour after feedings during the day but sometimes she likes to go to sleep right away.  Nighttime feedings are all business and she is great about that!
I sort of let her do what she wants unless it comes to feeding time. It's not like she does all that much just yet.  At eight weeks sloan began smiling her million dollar smile regularly. Before that we would get her hundred dollar smile... Both are darling and contagious!
Sloan's favorite activities include, watching the ceiling fan spin, staring at walls, batting the toys on her bouncy seat, any tummy time, sucking her fist, and drooling. She is starting to make cooing noises and she has been pushing off with her legs for the past few weeks. Bathtime is a favorite but we have to be careful not to let her drink the bath water. Sloan rolled over from front to back twice last week but I think it was a fluke. I'm still waiting for her to do it again. When Sloan is fussy i typically wear her. I have a Baby Bjorn carrier but I have also ordered a Ring Sling that I hope i love. It should arrive by the end of the week. Baby wearing makes cooking and other daily chores so much easier to conquer.

Sloan likes to sleep on her stomach and I allow this for nap time. She also likes to sleep on her daddy's chest, especially on the hammock.

We go for a walk with the dog every day, about 1.5 miles which isn't very far, but when you're pushing an 11 lb. baby in a stroller and steering the dog, its not easy. Plus we have some hills and i can tell my body is responding!  We have a pretty normal life routine now that we are settled into the new house. I had both Sloan's room and our master bedroom painted. We also painted the kitchen and den. Now the house really feels like our home. We love it here. Absolutely love it. Once I get things hung on the walls, i will post some pictures of the nursery... here is a sneak peak, though the crib isn't flush against the wall like in this pic. I chose this blue color because it is a very calming color.

The past few weeks have brought some bad news, and bad news always comes in threes. I am waiting for the last ball to drop because so far it has only been two, and both involving the health of family members.  The first i was asked not to share it, i think that was strictly for facebook but i'm not sure, so i'll respect the wishes and leave it off my blog for now. But i will say that while the diagnosis is something that we all should fear, the prognosis looks good, the treatment should be effective and we expect a full recovery!
Second my grandmother suffered a stroke. She is doing "ok" and is home. She is walking and talking but needs to take her meds and take care of herself or she will end up right back in the hospital if not six feet in the ground! So mamaw, please take good care of yourself! We will be going to visit her this weekend i believe. Mom showed her pics of sloan while she was in the hospital and her BP dropped. Sloan is the first great granddaughter on that side of my family and Mamaw was more excited than anyone for the arrival of the first girl!

Here are some new pics,
the Faces of Sloan:

These are pictures of Sloan sitting in her bumbo for the first time. She is so stinking cute! She is full of personality. She looks a lot like Rick as most first born children do favor their father. But she has my mouth and my eyes and if that is all i have given her then i will be happy.

Sloan has a two inch blonde hair sticking off the top of her head it is so cute! I'm waiting for the rest of her hair to grow in, but you can see little by little it is growing.  Her eyelashes are long and blonde too. 
There is something about looking into the eyes of my child... They sparkle and shine and are so pure and innocent. I know that i am biased, but she is absolutely the most perfect beautiful baby! I thank God for her every day and for our wonderful family. We truly are blessed!

We see the doc next week for our checkup. i'll be sure to post her stats then!