29 August 2011

A week of firsts

Nothing like an earthquake and a hurricane all in one week to add some excitement to our lives. The earthquake happened on Tuesday afternoon. Sloan and I were shopping at Target and she cried a random cry. I believe she felt it. I did not, though had I been home I most certainly would have. As for hurricane Irene, we lost power for a few hours and the wind blew. We hardly had much rain. I think it was much worst costal and north of here like the flooding in Vermont.

My sister and nephews met Sloan on Sunday for the first time. They were so cute about her but the novelty was short lived and they moved on to other things. Like playing with a stick that lodged behind my sliding door.

When Sloan got hungry they regained interest. How does she eat? From my boobie. What does she eat? It's milk. Wow. That's neat. They proceeded to go to their mother and ask her - mommy can I get milk from your boobie? Since that was a no go, the boys decided to chase each other around and take turns pretending from each other but as one lifted the shirt, the other would come close to the chest and the willing participant would shriek in excitement and hilarity and push him away before he got a chance to try. It was quite entertaining to watch and I was just glad they never asked me to try it bc I was the only one who they might reach with some success. Though I'm sure my lactose intolerant nephews would love to taste some milk that didn't make them sick, I glad we dodged that, but there's always next time. Sloan hasn't learned how to share anyways.

Unfortunately we didn't get very many pics of them as they blazed through raleigh en route Back to New Jersey after a two week long vacation but they promised to return in October once we are a little more settled.

Moving day isn't the most ideal for a visit. I have spent the past week packing up the remainder of my house.

My life had consisted of, feed baby, pack, repeat. I'm exhausted and I am ready to just hold my baby girl. My new house is much too big for our family of three plus dog but we will be working to remedy that over the next few years, hopefully one baby at a time. God Willing.
My father came into town On Sunday too but he stayed until Tuesday. It was the first birthday that i can recall that dad and I spent the day together. Had he not been here im pretty sure I'd not have accomplished the things I needed to do in order to complete the purchase of our new house. Sloan LOVES her grandpa and he is quite smitten with her. First granddaughters are like that I suppose.

Sloan is now adjusting to life inside her first new house as are we. I am busy unpacking and trying to rest and enjoy life at a much slower pace. The trouble with "Sloans" is we have a hard time sitting still- especially when there's work to be done.
I suppose there are worse things in life than a strong work ethic.

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  1. OMG Jenni...I don't think she could possibly be any cuter! And you look so amazing! So happy for your fam. =)