09 August 2011

Three Weeks old!

Today Sloan is Three Weeks Old!  Our two week wellness appointment went great. She had regained most of her birthweight (she was 7 lbs & 8.5 oz) and she grew 3/4 of an inch. she is in the 60% in height and 25% in weight. Her head is average size.  SHE MAKES a lot of faces...

We were given the green light to eat at will meaning no more round the clock 2-HR feedings and no more bottles.  I want Sloan to be on a schedule but realize it will take some time. Sloan has really gained some weight. She is getting so chubby!

She feeds every 2-3 hours during the day and every 3-4 at night. Last night she went almost 5 hours! The night before, of course, she was up every two hours, so she's still a bit unpredictable but I'm hoping to work on a schedule once we are in the new house. Half my maternity leave will be spent in this house and the other half in the new house.  My in laws have been here for the past week and it has been very nice to have someone to cook and help me clean.They have been quite the blessing to us. The week before, my mother was here. Mom and dad are excited for me to move out of this house so that they can visit us and no longer have little "projects" to work on.  I am excited too! Here is a picture of our new master bathroom... I am so excited to move into this house. I am praying nothing falls through on the sale of my house b/c that is the only thing that would prevent us from moving!

12 weeks of maternity leave seems like a long time but to be honest, it is passing way too quickly.  I only have 9 weeks to go.

Sloan is adorable. She smiles at me often. She smiles while nursing. It is our special time together. She has such wide eyes and has been keeping them open more and more. She also is quite strong for a newborn, already lifting up her head while on her stomach and looking around. She can roll to her side and will pick her head up and move to look the other way. She even scooted a few inches forward the other night which was amazing... She will be crawling before we know it!

We are busy working on repairs to my house to get it sold. I had some structural issues that need addressing which means big $$ BUT once i get it done its done, and i would have to fix it to sell the house anyways, so might as well fix it. It sort of hurts the pocket book but as i said before the new house is move in ready, and has been well maintained and recently updated so there is very little left for me to do but move in, unpack and enjoy!

i've lost about 25 pounds of my pregnancy weight and my feet look normal. My fingertips are still numb but i'm either used to it, or they feel a little closer to normal. I'm hoping they feel like fingers again before long. it is frustrating to touch my daughters skin and feel the pins and needles rather than the softness.

She is still a pretty good baby with very little crying. We love our new little family and feel very blessed to have such an amazing creation join us on this journey.

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