01 August 2011

Happy Birthday Don Beeman!

My father in law is 74 today...
Last year at this time we were all together in California. I think he LOVED having his whole family there, with the exception of one son in law who wasn't able to make the trip.  Someone thought this picture was photoshopped to get all these beautiful people together into one picture, but that just isn't true. I think Rita and Don has this hanging in their house somewhere. Notice how the Falwells are in blue, the Moylans are in Green, and the Beemans are in yellow (and of course the two that made it all possble are in Orange) Aren't we all just one big family?

This year, Don and Rita are traveling to Cary NC to meet their little granddaughter.
Sloan is super excited... She even has the matching socks to prove it. :)

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