09 July 2011

PRE-E... am i or aren't i?

Well, that didn't last long. They ran some tests on me on Wednesday and called me on Thursday morning and asked that I call back. Usually if "all is well" the nurse will leave a message and say just that. But they didn't. She asked me to call back. So i went to get my BP tested at work, it was fine, and then I called the nurse. She told me that it was necessary for me to collect a 24 hour urine sample so that they can assess my condition better but they suspected I had mild pre-eclampsia. The thing I have learned about pre-eclampsia is that it doesn't go away, it either remains the same or gets worse. The nurse asked me to come in and pick up this jug and instructions before the end of the day.

I went to grab lunch to bring to my desk and my coworker Bruce came by to let me borrow his BP machine and show me how to use it. I started feeling funny and i tried it out, My BP was 140/100, I tried again, 140/99. Was i using the machine right? Crap this was high. Didn't the doc say something about "over 90"? i tried a few more times and eventually it went down to a diastolic BP of 90-ish, So i calmly finished a document I was working on for my maternity leave, packed up my office for the long haul, and drove to my OB to collect my jug. I decided that while there I would have them check my BP and make sure that I wasn't doing something wrong. I sat down and it was131/91. Things weren't much better using their machine, so i found the nurse who was giving me my jug as i began sweating... literally. The room was getting hot. They took me back to another room to hook me up to a fetal monitor to perform a NST or non-stress test on the baby. Basically just to monitor her heart. She sounded great. I had to sit there for about 20 minutes while they recorded the beats. Eventually the nurse was satisfied and the doctor came in to speak to me. Dr. Inge (he is great). He talked to me about my condition and bascially told me that he was probably not going to let me get past 37 weeks and will likely induce me at that point. He mentioned putting me in the hospital to monitor me while i collected my urine sample, but decided to let me go home instead... that is until about 30 minutes later. I get the phone call.

First it was another nurse relaying information from Dr. Inge. He decided that I needed to check myself into L&D (labor and delivery) for 24 hours so that they can monitor me. Did i need to go right away? No, i could go home and collect some things and then come in. Do they have TV and DVD? (our tour of the women's center is scheduled for Monday) Yes they do. Do I need to pack a bag? Yes. we are not sure how long we will keep you or if we will induce labor so please come prepared.

Nothing like getting a call from a nurse telling you to go to the hospital. But at least she was calm about it and I was able to go home first.  A few minutes later, I get another phone call, this time from Dr. Inge himself. He wanted to explain to me why he changed his mind. He wanted to apologize in case he alarmed me, and mostly, he wanted me to know that once i left, he just got to thinking about it and just had a feeling that he needed to have me watched closely. He told me he didnt' want to drop the ball in my 35 weeks of pregnancy and let something bad happen and felt that he should be conservative in his approach. I was totally fine with this and I really felt well taken care of that he actually called me himself. He definitely went above and beyond and I appreciate that.

This is becoming a long narrative so i'll try to make it quick. I went home. Packed (mostly was done packing anyways), fixed spaghetti for Rick and the kids (my step sons are here until the 16th), and after dinner I went to the hospital. Checked in. Got situated. Monitored the baby and me for a while. Moved me from L&D to post-partum for my overnight stay, began my urine collection. BP was staying in a lower range again. Rick left for the night, I went to sleep. In the morning, Rick came and we went to get an ultrasound to make sure Sloan was ok. She was laying on her right side, her left hand was in her mouth, and her right hand was playing with her toes. She was so precious in there! Amniotic fluid looks great, she is practicing her breathing, her heart is beautiful, the placenta looks great, all in all, baby is growing and developing beautifully. She is now in the 58% where as 3 weeks ago she was at 63%. She is estimated at 6lbs and 10 ounces! HOLY  MOLY i am growing a roly poly.  But seriously, she looks great, her weight is excellent, and I am practically 36 weeks. The concern with pre-eclampsia is that the baby gets in distress and quits growing. Not the case here.

After the UltraSound we meet with the physician (not from my practice) who talks to me about the results. She said that all in all, i am not pre-eclampsic but only having gestational hypertension. I can go back to work (but take it easy) and go swim, etc etc just nothing crazy, no exercise. Basically take it easy but i'm good to go. She said of course you will stay and finish your 24 hour monitoring, but i don't expect to see any protein in your urine and I'm sure you will be fine. And now she is telling me that they wont' let me go past 40 weeks but will likely let me get close to my due date.

I get wheeled back to my room and we hang out all day. Rick stayed with me most of the day. I was tired, he was tired, and before lunchtime, the first jug was full. (had I gone home I would not have known what to do b/c they only give you one) The nurse went and got me another. Fast Forward, I filled up TWO and half of a THIRD jug. When the tech went to the lab to get the third jug, the lab was like, "ARE YOU SERIOUS" I guess i'm the first person in history to fill up more than one jug, and while it is possible that someone has filled up a first and began a second, I filled up 7500ML in 24 hours. They wont' forget me. The doctors were proud and said they got a great sample and my kidneys are working great. Which is a good sign.

The collection was completed at 945pm, and then it was sit and wait. We were told because I was likely not going to have any issues, that once we got the results, i'd be discharged, but we had to wait for the results.  About 11/1130, i get a knock on the door. The nurse comes in to let me know the news. She looks sad, "You have a good amount of protein in your urine, i'm sorry"  What does this mean I ask. She said, well we  are likely to keep you overnight. She leaves, I cry. Not like boohoo but like tears of frustration and I just want to go home. While I dont mind hospitals, I prefer my bed and my house. Who doesn't? It is a nice place but it is no Ritz Carlton, though I must say I made friends with my nurses and techs and they want to see me when i come back to have the baby. but i'm getting ahead of myself, where was i? oh yes.

We are waiting on the doctor to come in and tell me her take on the results. Dr. T. was on call on Thursday.  Dr. W was on call on Friday, so she comes in about 15 minutes later and tells me the same as the nurse EXCEPT, she says i can go home! I have pre-eclampsia, but my BP is remaining solid and my organs look great, and the baby looks beautiful, so here is my option. I am high risk the remainder of my pregnancy. I will go to the doctor two times a week and they will do NST each visit. If i progress worse, they will likely induce once I hit 37 weeks (only a week away) and they may or may not hospitalize me. For now it is sit and wait. She went over the signs i need to watch for. I need to monitor my BP every day. And I am on bed rest. Now I can go to the fridge and get a snack or fix a fast meal. I am not completely bedridden (yet) BUT i cannot cook, clean, shop, etc etc... They will likely not let me get past 39 weeks but we will target around 38. However, at this point, its anyones guess because one bad reading lands me back in the hospital and they could take her then.

So i'm getting numbers all over the place but the conclusion is, i will have a baby in July rather than August unless i go to the first or second of August, but i'm expecting to be induced the week of the 24th.  Today is my Papaw's birthday and while i'd love to have this baby in the next hour and a half, its not going to happen, but i love him for hoping! :) Sloan needs to grow another week and a half and then I am hoping that while i'll be induced, I can manage the pain and keep my BP low enough to have her vaginally and without pain medication.

I knew i was going to have her early. I just didn't expect EARLY to happen overnight! Stay tuned, at this point, its anyones guess. 

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