31 July 2011

The first week home

Today sloan smiled at me multiple times. It wasn't gas. Probably a reflex but she has a huge smile like her momma.
She hardly cries. And if she does, it isn't for very long.
She sleeps a ton which I'm certain is normal though Rick is very concerned. Despite experience i don't think he can remember having an infant bc the last two kids I'm sure he was busy entertaining the older ones.
I'm not sure if the crying is coming or I'm just very lucky. Sort of makes me ready to quit while I'm ahead :) I could stare at her all day!

Weight after last appt on thursday was 7lbs 4oz. We have our wellness checkup on Tuesday morning and she is expected to have gained her birth weight. Only five days and five ounces to gain!
We are off the bottle of breast milk and exclusively breast feeding. I think she's getting fatter but we'll just have to wait until Tuesday.

What's new?
We bought a house!!!!! Doubled our living space. I will post pics when we move in on my birthday. Moving will be tough with a six week old baby, but fortunately we have very few things. My mother in law is coming this week and will help me pack up part of the house.
Unless something falls through on the sale of my place, here is sloan's new home that rick and I will Also get to live in..

We are all very excited!!


  1. Congratulations! What a beautiful house! Glad things are going well for you guys. :)

  2. Very happy for you. Congrats. Sloan is gorgeous.

  3. Congrats on the new place! I remember JD sleeping almost all the time for the first couple of weeks... then he started staying awake a little bit, and I had to figure out what to do with an awake baby :)