09 June 2011


Today was a great day. I am now seeing the OB every two weeks, and I had a great appointment. I actually LOST TWO POUNDS from the last appointment, but this is a good thing. I have not gained too too much BUT in the law of averages, one pound a week AFTER the first 10 weeks (which gives you 30 lbs) I sort of excelled in the past 8 weeks, got back on track the last 4, and now am making up for lost time. Some people gain weight differently in pregnancy. Some gain it on a gradual incline as designated in the 'charts', Some never stop gaining (and wind up still calling it "baby weight" when their youngest child is starting school), Some were so overweight that their pregnancy actually helps them LOSE weight ( i know several of these people), and some lose in the end.... I hope to be the one that loses and/or maintains because I am perfectly happy where I am now! Still under the 30 mark but I do have 59 days to go!

Here is something I saw today on Facebook. My oldest nephew Carter!
I love this kid!! He is growing up so fast! Soon he will have a little cousin to love. And i already know he loves her as much as I do by the way he talks to me about her when i call. I can't wait for Carter and Brady to come to my house and sit on the couch, patiently waiting for their turn to hold their new cousin! I bought them super hero capes as gifts from Sloan so that when they come, they feel the love! I love buying them presents. Acutally, i just love buying presents ;)

So all in all, today has been a good day. I am focusing on the love i have in my life and the good things. I had a great day yesterday going to the library (or chafferering  I should say) I had a great swim in the pool last night and ran into my friend Heather and her 2 month old daughter Lily. i love the way the pool makes me feel and rightfully so! I can walk laps and not grow tired! Though i really need to use the ladder. I successfully got out of the pool using the wall and my arms, but what a mistake that was. For fear of falling face down onto my stomach i was able to manage but the weightlessness i felt while IN the pool was not the same as how it felt as i pulled my body out of the pool. Talk about upper body strength! i did it! But i will NOT do it again. And i have a purple noodle to swim with me. I love having my own noodle and not having to steal one off some kid.

Big plans for the weekend and some relaxing to be done!  Time to head home. The Shrimp alfredo won't make itself!

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