19 May 2011

Week 28

Welcome to the THIRD TRIMESTER:
This should come with a warning: "BEWARE" you will be encountering increased discomfort, even MORE frequent urination, and you will begin to grow at insurmountable rates!

SIZE of Miss Beeman:
The size of a Chinese Cabbage. Funny, this looks like Romaine Lettuce, only not as dark green but whatever..... Chinese Cabbage it is! She measures approximately 17 inches from the top of her head 
to her heels and weighs about 2.9 lbs! She can blink her eyes, which 
now sport lashes. With her eyesight developing, she may be able to see the light that filters in through the womb. She's also developing billions of neurons in her brain and adding more body fat in preparation for life in the outside world.

Biggest challenges:  
Sitting in *some* booths. Keeping my eyes open for the 11 o'clock news. Raging Hormones that have me sad one minute and furious the next. Mostly I'm still pretty happy.

Healthy Food and lemonade. Last night i wanted Smoked Gouda Cheese - YUM! A few nights before I went to bed with a bowl of green olives.

Baby girl named Sloan Violet! 

OMG does she MOVE. Rick really felt her kick the other night. He may or may not have felt her before but i think he got a good heel kick because my entire stomach met his hand, almost like a high five. I think Sloan is head down (confirmed by a mid-wife's apprentice) and i swear she is taking her fists and simultaneously punching in my lower abdomen. I have both sides going at once. I was feeling her a ton last week and then she slept for a few days and moved only a little bit. I of course freaked out and told Rick i killed the baby. Rick told me she was fine. And NOW she is back at it again only she must be tons bigger because i feel her so much more. She must be running out of room!

I wake up at least once if not twice a night. Last night i dreamt that she was born on Aug 2nd and weighed 10 lbs. She had five teeth (dear  God please no!) and dimples. She smiled at me and i fell in love with her!  My mother had her children early, i believe my sister had her children early, and i hope to follow suit and have this baby early!

What I Miss
Right now i am really craving a theme park. I want to ride a roller coaster - like NOW.  WE will be going to a water park this summer, which i am really looking forward to, but we don't have too much else planned because i am not sure how i will feel and we are not sure when the house will sell and when we'll be moving. But i really miss riding a roller coaster. There is a park about 11 miles from my parents house that i hope we can go to next year. Mom can babysit.

What i LOVE
I love the way i look and feel most of the time. I actually have some energy right now so i'm taking advantage of it. I love how Sloan responds to my voice. i love how i can REALLY feel her and not just a bump by her but her actually appendages. I love that i'm going to be a real mommy soon. 

Maternity Clothes:
Well it is official, i tried to put on an old skirt without an elastic waistband and it did not fit over my hips.. they have officially spread. I do not look that much bigger but apparently they have made room for baby. I am ok with that because it just means i will have an easier time passing her through this birth canal! today my top is from the Juniors department in an XL and is super cute!

I feel great.

Picked my dogs up from my friends house. I am so glad to have them back. Marley has an ear infection and they are both getting shaved. I am in the process of hiring a trainer to get them in line before the baby comes and we are going on daily walks to keep them worn out. Our goal is to walk about 3 miles every morning, and Rick is running them a few nights a week. They are happy and tired dogs now. They have gained about 4 lbs each while out of town, so we are diligently working on dropping the weight and if i lose a few lbs in the process, i won't be upset. Either way, my legs are toning up already and it won't be long before i feel as though i'm in the best possible shape i could be in for giving birth. Nothing much else to report here, just happy to be healthy!

A girl in our birthing class had HELLP SYNDROME and had to have an emergency C-section. Her baby was a few weeks ahead of us and was 3lbs and 4oz. Both are doing ok from what i hear, but ISN'T THAT SOME SCARY STUFF?? I remember talking to her the day before in our class and she was miserable and her feet were like vienna sausages. She thought it was just being pregnant but apparently it was Pre-E.
I'm praying we make it to the 36 week mark, And so far, so good. I am looking pretty healthy if i do say so myself!

Great, now i'm craving little sausages (i am SO not going to go eat any though yuck!)


  1. Props to you for finding a picture of a Chinese cabbage. I had no idea what that was supposed to look like!

    I am craving lemonade too. I am SO TIRED OF DRINKING WATER. :)

    I had a dream that ours was born with teeth too. Kind of freaked me out!

  2. I definitely need the dog trainer's number. Also, where are you taking classes? You may actually have a chance to enjoy a themepark or two. Me not so much:(

  3. Jenn - very scary. Someone told me they had a kid born with a tooth and they pulled it. I don't think I would pull it if she does have teeth. I am drinking Minute Maid Light. Not sure if the artificial sweetener is ok, but i'm not going to drink the real deal and gain MORE weight ;)

    yasmin - (aka anon) i'm using Bark Busters - waiting on a call from them, they are pricey but they are lifetime guaranteed. Marley nipped a baby a few weeks ago. didn't break skin or anything but definitely needs to be put in her place before baby comes. and ellie barks at the wind. she is cheeky like that.

  4. i'll blog about it when we get it done!

  5. Sounds like a no brainer for the dog trainer, asap........byw, my nephew, Rick's cousin was born with 2 teeth......didn't pull them, would make nursing a little scary. I am soooooooo happy you are having a girl. I have missed so much having a granddaughter to spoil..........mil and Grammy

  6. well marley isn't aggressive, she is just curious and wanted to get the baby to play with her. She likes diapers too. Rick says we no longer need a diaper pail b/c marley can eat them.

    You can spoil Sloan any day of the week. If she looks anything like she did in my dream then you will fall in love!