06 May 2011


So i blog about how this baby girl is all quiet during the day and as soon as I post the blog - she wakes up.
Its as though the second i hit the PUBLISH POST button, she came alive. I mean really alive. I am now calling her the human pinball which makes me the pinball machine!

The last two days have been quite entertaining. She was bouncing around from every angle. I felt her body flip over at least twice because she is running out of room so it is very easy to feel her entire body flip over. It almost makes me jump and it definitely startles me.

We are interviewing for our summer intern position right now and during the interview yesterday I had so much trouble paying attention, my stomach was bouncing in all directions. It is pretty cool to watch but VERY distracting.

I plan to post a blog, sometime this weekend, about our plans for the NAMING of this pinball bouncing around inside of me.... We are pretty sure about our name and I think we are ready to share with the world. Excited?


  1. did you change your naming plans???? I guess you want me to wait for the rest of the world........that stinks!!!!!!!! hahaha

  2. Probably Penny. Penny the Pinball Beeman.
    Or Honey. We really like honey