23 May 2011


The countdown is really flying!
Can you believe it! only 11 more weeks? That is AWESOME. And this summer will really fly by. I know its not officially summer, but to me, this coming weekend IS the start of summer! My stepsons will be at our house for six weeks and we are really looking forward to the time we will get to spend with them. 

SIZE of Miss Beeman:
Butternut- Squash.... She now weighs between 2 1/2 to 3 pounds and is 15 to 17 inches long from head to heel. Her muscles and lungs are continuing to mature, and her head is growing bigger to make room for her developing brain.

Biggest challenges:  
Breathing. Paying attention. Remembering things. Getting comfortable especially MY FEET!
Olives. Avacado. Sushi. 

Baby girl named Sloan Violet! 

TONS! She will sleep all day as my movements rock her to sleep but in the mornings and in the evenings she is very active. Today at the chiropractor, i watched my stomach bounce as i waited. Its pretty freaky looking.

I am so tired that i am sleeping BUT i wake up sporadically b/c my arm is asleep. My shoulders are not taking this pregnancy too well. I actually think I went all night without going to the bathroom!

What I Miss
Raw Salmon on a weekly basis. Diving head first into bed. Sleeping on my stomach. Energy. My shoes with heels.

What i LOVE
The compliments and conversations I have with strangers. Mom and dad will tell you, I have never met a stranger. It really is true and that is a lot of the culture here in the South East.  Rick is starting to get used to it and I think he likes it here. 
I love how nobody is a stranger to a pregnant woman. They all have comments and advice, both good and bad though i'm mostly hearing the good ones. Negative advice - things like people telling me HOW i should have the baby or what not. I mean you have one or two kids and suddenly you are an expert at telling someone else how it should be done. I just listen patiently and smile. I don't need to argue the research i've done and the choices I've elected to make, assuming all goes according to plan (which I also realize that nothing may go according to plan and thus my birth plan will be a guideline so that I will not beat myself up if I end up deviating).

Maternity Clothes:
Today I am wearing all non-maternity clothes, and actually my baby bump is pretty incognito today. If you ask me, you can hardly tell there is one, but that is because i'm comparing it to how i looked yesterday (in a bikini at the pool)

I feel great. I am very emotional, but happy emotions. And I am so excited to hold my daughter in my arms. I feel her so much now and can even feel her hands and feet when she punches and kicks, i am ready to love her in my arms.

I wore some tall wedge sandals last week to a conference and MY.FEET.SUFFERED.  I think the blood rushing to my toes AND cramming them into the shoe made them so swollen. My feet hurt for 2 days, but i remedied that with two steps. 1. I got a massage.  and 2. I went to the pool (in my regular bikini!) And p.s. not to sound cocky or anything but i think for 7 months pregnant i look pretty darn good! My belly sure is tan!


  1. Good for you! I still haven't decided whether or not I will brave a swimsuit this summer.

  2. I love that you're doing this survey so much! Will definitely be fun to look over one day with your sweet baby girl :-) I am happy to of "met" you-- maybe one day it'll happen IRL!! :)