04 May 2011

26 Weeks!

26 weeks down !
I can't believe i only have 14 weeks to go! SWEET!

Size of Mrs j. Beeman: 

I really grew the past week. This was taken on Friday evening AFTER a huge meal at the cheesecake factory! Rick and i like to treat ourselves every now and again. For the most part, I cook dinner at home and we eat as a family. We are practicing good habits now so that when our daughter joins us we will be accustomed to eating at home at the dinner table. RICK loves to use the grill so i take full advantage of this and have him prepare a lot of our dinners outside. i do the prep work  and he does the actual cooking. I think grilled vegetables are amazing and he doesn't mind them either. I need to take a video of the frownie face he makes while eating his veggies. He then remarks how it wasn't that bad. But RAW SPINACH? my husband frowns at grilled zucchini but will eagerly eat a raw spinach salad with nothing more than Balsamic Vinegar for dressing? Weird but I won't complain. He eats it.

Size of little miss Beeman: 
About 14 inches long and the size of an English Hothouse Cucumber and averaging about 2 lbs in weight. 
Biggest challenges:  
Still climbing stairs. BENDING OVER! Holding my bladder for more than an hour. Laying off the sugar!

Crunchy food, so i've been eating a lot of carrots and apples. Hard Boiled Eggs, Like clockwork i eat 2 almost every morning. The ladies in the cafeteria of my building are doing a great job making sure that they have them prepared for me every morning.

Gender: Still a girl! Since I went to the doctor on  Tuesday, here are the Baby Stats: Heartbeat 146. 

She moves a lot when i'm sleeping and sleeps when i'm awake. I think my movements during the day rock her to sleep. Rick and I took a spin class together yesterday and I didn't feel her the entire time but her weight was quite obvious and I found myself leaning forward quite a bit to keep her off my spine.
My best friend just had a beautiful little girl and says she has a vampire baby, up all night.  I wonder if my daughter will be a night owl?

I am sleeping well and because I am so tired, i have had no trouble falling asleep. Rick has been working out more and his snoring is becoming less though it comes back in spurts. If only it would go away forever! I do wake up every morning with numbness in my foot and hip. I think the baby is sleeping on my Sciatic Nerve. good news is that the feeling comes back as soon as i wake up. I always lie in bed until i get a good morning kick.

What I Miss
I miss international travel! Fortunately i had my one trip back from Dubai in January, so for 2011 i was overseas. I am trying to plan a trip for next year or the next to Western Europe. I really want to go back to Paris and then head to Nice, and down to Italy and Greece. I am working on the plan now.

What i LOVE
I love nesting! i love how organized my house is! i love how amazing my husband is to me and how much fun we are having waiting for this baby and watching me grow.

Maternity Clothes:
Maybe TMI but i went bra shopping! The girls needed a new house to rest in during the day and boy did they grow! ;)

Emotions: I am pretty dang happy!

I took my gestational diabetes test and i do not have it! yay for me!


  1. Congrats on passing your test! Cute pictures!

  2. love the veggie comments.....keep it up Jen.....good work in EVERYTHING