05 April 2011

Something is always Buzzing

Baby Bee aka HONEY is a wiggle worm! She is always moving around. Today i went to the doctor for a visit. Sweet Honey Beeman was in there just kicking up a storm. She is so little right now, but i can feel her. And the doctor commented on how much she was moving because she kept escaping the doppler.

Silly Bee likes bananas and they make her wild! I ate a banana just before my appointment and sure enough she was so active! only 18 more weeks to go. Next visit i have my glucose test and i better pass! my weight is doing "ok" but i need to start exercising! I had a great weekend but it really wore me out. So much walking but i got to go swimming and anytime i swim, my little honey bee get very excited. Anytime she moves i just assume she is excited.

Of course there is more, but i just feel it is too Private to share right now. So where does it all go?

feel free to request access!

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