11 April 2011

Going to a Concert In LATE JULY

I have tickets to see one of my favorite bands in late July. I wanted to see them last year but the closest i could get was Paris and the line up of bands was quite impressive BUT the timing of everything didn't really work out since I had used all my vacaction days by August. So, now i find out that this year they will be playing at Cats Cradle in Carborro, which is essentially Chapel Hill. I wouldn't call the band Uber popular or anything, but that's sort of my taste. They have a TON of soundtrack songs out there for major movies, so i'm sure you've heard the music, just not the name of the band.  Eels.  I'm actually super grateful they are coming here. I wonder if there is a large fan base i didn't know about. BUT i'll be the big fat lady. Probably going to need a big nap before the show, but the baby is going to be in for a treat! She LOVES music!!! http://eelstheband.com/tourdates/

WE had quite a busy weekend. Ricks sisters called us on Friday, both were in Virginia (one lives there and the other was in town) so we drove up on Saturday morning and spent the day with them and their families. It was fun. I love my nieces and nephews and i think they love me too. We ended up driving home on Saturday night because Ricks sister had her hands full with the company as it was and we were ok with going home to sleep in our own bed. Plus Sunday I had work to do. I went to my office and worked on my paper yesterday. I can't say i got a ton done but i did make progress. Gotta get it done. Only 17 weeks remain on my clock.  My mother had her first child 10 days early i think. I was about 6 ot 8 days early. Either due date prediction was not as good back then, or i have a shot at having this baby in July!! Either way, it will be great!!!!!!!!

Happy Monday to you All! Time to get to work


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