07 April 2011


Today was a Reel Big Fish type of day. The music i'm streaming today is pretty nostalgic and makes me smile. The good old days.

Time is flying! Only four months to go. I remember it was just Thanksgiving when i was lying around, recovering from surgery, drinking at least a six pack of Dt. Mountain Dew every day as i fought the fatigue that i assumed to be "RECOVERY" and now...

Now i don't think i can fool anyone with this mass growing out of my stomach. It is amazing that this little person is inside of me.  A whole pound of person. And i felt her this morning. WITH MY HAND! it was amazing. I was at the chiropractor keeping things straight and i felt her so i put my hand there. Normally i can't feel it with my hand, but that wasn't the case today. It was really cool. She gave me a big kick! only a pound fighting weight but with the kick i felt, I think i'm growing a little soccer player! Then again, she might be a ballerina!

NOTE: This is NOT me

Both yesterday and today i went for a walk. I think that i over indulged in the Route 44's and candy last month, so I'm cutting  back. I'm sure the baby will also be grateful for the decline in sugar. She will probably be a little hyper as it is, so no need to add to it. Rick and i went to our first birthing class. At first he was like, why are we taking a class, isnt' it pretty standard you go in and get the epidural. I think i discussed this before. So we started our classes and I think that i will like them. I know two people in the class as well so that was a pleasant surprise. My ex husbands cousin and his wife are in the class, but fortunately its from the side of the family that i still keep in touch with on a sporadic basis.. I really like Emily so i'm glad she is in the class. We had actually talked a month ago about going for a walk together, so now we have 11 more weeks where she cannot escape me! 

Four more months doesn't feel too bad, for now, the waiting is fine. I'm not sure i want to grow any bigger, but its too late for that now. I got some maternity clothes today from a coworker at a good deal and will try them on tonight before i actually pay for them. Rick is going to go pick me up a glider and ottoman we found on CL for a good price. All we need now is a changing table and dresser.  This is all very exciting stuff and I am most certain that this little girl is going to be spoiled rotten!

Thanks to Ricks mom, we are able to get all of our nursery furniture! She is excited to help, and next weekend we go to my moms house with the new chair to get it covered once i pick out an appropriate fabric. We'll pick it back up sometime in June as there is no major rush now.

So far everything is going JUST great.


  1. I love feeling baby kicks! They are the best. I've been told I won't love them so much when I'm further along and trying to sleep, but I can't imagine it at the moment. :)

  2. i agree! Its so exciting to feel right now, but i'm mostly feeling from the inside! RICK is very excited to feel her kick. I'm excited for him to feel it too!