26 April 2011

25 weeks

25 weeks down 15 weeks to go give or take a few
This picture was taken at week 24 at my aunts house. I LOVE the way Rick is looking at me. My dad had the camera and i KNEW it was coming. You can really tell how i've filled out up top in this pic. I'm wearing a dress and dad didnt' document my entire body so you'll have to just wait and see...

Size of Baby Beeman: The size of an eggplant. But this time a much BIGGER eggplant. 9.2 inches and 2 pounds.  She is growing fast now! I actually looked at an eggplant at Trader Joes yesterday and IT WAS HUGE. I can't believe i have something that size inside of me.

Biggest challenges: I feel great EXCEPT i am now starting to get round ligament pains and my lower back is hurting. I think my biggest challenge right now is concentration... especially at work.

Cravings: I am craving water and lemonade. I still want to eat candy all the time, green gobstoppers are my favorite. But i love fruit and vegetables.

Gender: It's a GIRL! (still)

Movement: Tons! i can actually SEE my stomach rise and fall with her kicks/punches. That is very cool.

Sleep: I am sleeping well for now. 

What I Miss: I have about 10 pairs of soccer/athletic shorts that are too tight to wear anymore (ok so they "fit" but its not how i prefer to wear my shorts). Bummer!  

What i LOVE: i LOVE that Rick rubs my feet every night without me having to ask. I love that he is so helpful around the house and I really hope this is the trend and not just a pregnancy thing. I never knew he could be so clean!! Our house AND yard look AMAZING. I get fresh tulips every week! I married a real dream! I also love this weather b/c now i can lay out on my deck though i'm contemplating putting a sprinkler on the deck to keep me cool. It sure it HOT outside....  Check out my bump - she has her own little glow- week 25 exactly!

Maternity Clothesfull time except at the gym.  My sweaters and hoodies are non-maternity of course, and today I am actually wearing a non-maternity t-shirt, BUT if i weren't pregnant it would be a TON longer in the front! i LOVE these maternity shorts now that the weather is getting warm. Historically, super cold winter means super hot summer, we WILL have a VERY LONG AND HOT SUMMER!

Emotions: I am so happy and i smile all the time as usual. I feel great!

Milestone:  I guess i would say seeing my stomach move from Baby Bee's movements inside of me. Oh, and we got a changing table!!! 

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  1. Jen, this is so cute! You're an amazing woman and I can't wait to see how beautiful baby b is!

  2. Very cute changing table (and pictures of you!) I am jealous that it is so warm there already. I am ready to wear shorts and t-shirts!