21 April 2011

24 weeks

A few of my friends have blogs and post one of these every week, i sort of missed the first 24 weeks and i'm mid-week 24, but i thought i would give it a try:

Size of Baby Beeman: The size of a papaya. Another website i use says the size of an eggplant. Now THAT i can relate to. She is approximately 9 inches long and 1.7 lbs in weight!

Biggest challenges: Climbing stairs. I am SO tired and winded and when i go up three or more flights i am really out of breath. Bending over is getting to be more difficult but not that bad yet.

CravingsThese really vary. I have been eating 2 hard boiled eggs ALMOST every morning religiously for the past 16 weeks probably. I read that your body craves protein and needs it as the baby needs it to grow. so i guess that is why. The other morning before we went to my grandmothers birthday party, i craved Dunkin Donut holes and coffee (decaf) - and Rick delivered! Other than that i don't really crave too much but again, it varies. I still eat a ton of spicy food and she doesn't seem to mind.

Gender: It's a GIRL! 

Movement: She is really kicking up a storm in there! I feel her the most at night and in the early morning. Today I went to the doctor and she kicked the doppler off of her body. Also this morning, i could visibly see my stomach rise and fall when she was kicking. That was very neat! Feeling her move inside me is so very amazing. I don't think there is anything like it.

Sleep: I am very tired and sleeping just okay. Some nights are better than others but i'm not having trouble getting comfortable yet. I am a stomach sleeper and surprisingly i am able to adjust to this by throwing my leg over a pillow. Our new king size bed helps tremendously and i have a wall of pillows around me all night so i can sleep in my own little cocoon. On the downside- I am much more sensitive to noises which means barking dogs next door, and snoring husbands are nuisances to me. I have done several things to adjust to this problem but I am really hoping that i can sleep more soundly once she arrives. I probably won't sleep well for another 18 years.

What I Miss: I miss my clothes and my skinny jeans! I miss being able to stay awake and alert past 10pm !  I miss playing soccer and taking my allergy meds.

What i LOVE: i LOVE my new curves, especially up top if you catch what i mean ;) I LOVE being able to feel my daughter moving around and now with my hand i can feel her. I love that my skin looks great and i really do have a glow !

Maternity ClothesI was able to purchase some second hand shorts and tops for a great price from a coworkers wife and that along with my many non-maternity dresses and the few maternity dresses and skirts will see me through to the end of the summer i'm sure! Maternity panties are a God-send ! My hips definitely spread a bit wider.

Emotions: Most of the time i'm smiling and super happy. I do have my moments of insanity and my fuse is a bit shorter but reminding myself of the things i CAN control and the things i CANNOT control has been very useful. I believe in the hula hoop theory. If it fits in my hoop then its in my control. I was a lot more weepy in the first trimester but i think that my hormones have caught up and while a few things will make me tear up, i think maybe i'm just becoming a bit more human!

Milestone: I think i'm FINALLY really showing to a point where people can tell its a baby and not just wonder if i ate too much! FINALLY! Although one coworker told me from behind she would never know! and here i am thinking my hips have spread super wide. Guess not wide enough. I'll try to post a pic of myself later but they just don't seem to be taking my photo anymore

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  1. Stairs bug me too these days. I have always taken the stairs so I can stay fit, but now I end up getting out of breath. :(