26 April 2011

25 weeks

25 weeks down 15 weeks to go give or take a few
This picture was taken at week 24 at my aunts house. I LOVE the way Rick is looking at me. My dad had the camera and i KNEW it was coming. You can really tell how i've filled out up top in this pic. I'm wearing a dress and dad didnt' document my entire body so you'll have to just wait and see...

Size of Baby Beeman: The size of an eggplant. But this time a much BIGGER eggplant. 9.2 inches and 2 pounds.  She is growing fast now! I actually looked at an eggplant at Trader Joes yesterday and IT WAS HUGE. I can't believe i have something that size inside of me.

Biggest challenges: I feel great EXCEPT i am now starting to get round ligament pains and my lower back is hurting. I think my biggest challenge right now is concentration... especially at work.

Cravings: I am craving water and lemonade. I still want to eat candy all the time, green gobstoppers are my favorite. But i love fruit and vegetables.

Gender: It's a GIRL! (still)

Movement: Tons! i can actually SEE my stomach rise and fall with her kicks/punches. That is very cool.

Sleep: I am sleeping well for now. 

What I Miss: I have about 10 pairs of soccer/athletic shorts that are too tight to wear anymore (ok so they "fit" but its not how i prefer to wear my shorts). Bummer!  

What i LOVE: i LOVE that Rick rubs my feet every night without me having to ask. I love that he is so helpful around the house and I really hope this is the trend and not just a pregnancy thing. I never knew he could be so clean!! Our house AND yard look AMAZING. I get fresh tulips every week! I married a real dream! I also love this weather b/c now i can lay out on my deck though i'm contemplating putting a sprinkler on the deck to keep me cool. It sure it HOT outside....  Check out my bump - she has her own little glow- week 25 exactly!

Maternity Clothesfull time except at the gym.  My sweaters and hoodies are non-maternity of course, and today I am actually wearing a non-maternity t-shirt, BUT if i weren't pregnant it would be a TON longer in the front! i LOVE these maternity shorts now that the weather is getting warm. Historically, super cold winter means super hot summer, we WILL have a VERY LONG AND HOT SUMMER!

Emotions: I am so happy and i smile all the time as usual. I feel great!

Milestone:  I guess i would say seeing my stomach move from Baby Bee's movements inside of me. Oh, and we got a changing table!!! 

Alternate View

21 April 2011

24 weeks

A few of my friends have blogs and post one of these every week, i sort of missed the first 24 weeks and i'm mid-week 24, but i thought i would give it a try:

Size of Baby Beeman: The size of a papaya. Another website i use says the size of an eggplant. Now THAT i can relate to. She is approximately 9 inches long and 1.7 lbs in weight!

Biggest challenges: Climbing stairs. I am SO tired and winded and when i go up three or more flights i am really out of breath. Bending over is getting to be more difficult but not that bad yet.

CravingsThese really vary. I have been eating 2 hard boiled eggs ALMOST every morning religiously for the past 16 weeks probably. I read that your body craves protein and needs it as the baby needs it to grow. so i guess that is why. The other morning before we went to my grandmothers birthday party, i craved Dunkin Donut holes and coffee (decaf) - and Rick delivered! Other than that i don't really crave too much but again, it varies. I still eat a ton of spicy food and she doesn't seem to mind.

Gender: It's a GIRL! 

Movement: She is really kicking up a storm in there! I feel her the most at night and in the early morning. Today I went to the doctor and she kicked the doppler off of her body. Also this morning, i could visibly see my stomach rise and fall when she was kicking. That was very neat! Feeling her move inside me is so very amazing. I don't think there is anything like it.

Sleep: I am very tired and sleeping just okay. Some nights are better than others but i'm not having trouble getting comfortable yet. I am a stomach sleeper and surprisingly i am able to adjust to this by throwing my leg over a pillow. Our new king size bed helps tremendously and i have a wall of pillows around me all night so i can sleep in my own little cocoon. On the downside- I am much more sensitive to noises which means barking dogs next door, and snoring husbands are nuisances to me. I have done several things to adjust to this problem but I am really hoping that i can sleep more soundly once she arrives. I probably won't sleep well for another 18 years.

What I Miss: I miss my clothes and my skinny jeans! I miss being able to stay awake and alert past 10pm !  I miss playing soccer and taking my allergy meds.

What i LOVE: i LOVE my new curves, especially up top if you catch what i mean ;) I LOVE being able to feel my daughter moving around and now with my hand i can feel her. I love that my skin looks great and i really do have a glow !

Maternity ClothesI was able to purchase some second hand shorts and tops for a great price from a coworkers wife and that along with my many non-maternity dresses and the few maternity dresses and skirts will see me through to the end of the summer i'm sure! Maternity panties are a God-send ! My hips definitely spread a bit wider.

Emotions: Most of the time i'm smiling and super happy. I do have my moments of insanity and my fuse is a bit shorter but reminding myself of the things i CAN control and the things i CANNOT control has been very useful. I believe in the hula hoop theory. If it fits in my hoop then its in my control. I was a lot more weepy in the first trimester but i think that my hormones have caught up and while a few things will make me tear up, i think maybe i'm just becoming a bit more human!

Milestone: I think i'm FINALLY really showing to a point where people can tell its a baby and not just wonder if i ate too much! FINALLY! Although one coworker told me from behind she would never know! and here i am thinking my hips have spread super wide. Guess not wide enough. I'll try to post a pic of myself later but they just don't seem to be taking my photo anymore

11 April 2011

Going to a Concert In LATE JULY

I have tickets to see one of my favorite bands in late July. I wanted to see them last year but the closest i could get was Paris and the line up of bands was quite impressive BUT the timing of everything didn't really work out since I had used all my vacaction days by August. So, now i find out that this year they will be playing at Cats Cradle in Carborro, which is essentially Chapel Hill. I wouldn't call the band Uber popular or anything, but that's sort of my taste. They have a TON of soundtrack songs out there for major movies, so i'm sure you've heard the music, just not the name of the band.  Eels.  I'm actually super grateful they are coming here. I wonder if there is a large fan base i didn't know about. BUT i'll be the big fat lady. Probably going to need a big nap before the show, but the baby is going to be in for a treat! She LOVES music!!! http://eelstheband.com/tourdates/

WE had quite a busy weekend. Ricks sisters called us on Friday, both were in Virginia (one lives there and the other was in town) so we drove up on Saturday morning and spent the day with them and their families. It was fun. I love my nieces and nephews and i think they love me too. We ended up driving home on Saturday night because Ricks sister had her hands full with the company as it was and we were ok with going home to sleep in our own bed. Plus Sunday I had work to do. I went to my office and worked on my paper yesterday. I can't say i got a ton done but i did make progress. Gotta get it done. Only 17 weeks remain on my clock.  My mother had her first child 10 days early i think. I was about 6 ot 8 days early. Either due date prediction was not as good back then, or i have a shot at having this baby in July!! Either way, it will be great!!!!!!!!

Happy Monday to you All! Time to get to work


07 April 2011


Today was a Reel Big Fish type of day. The music i'm streaming today is pretty nostalgic and makes me smile. The good old days.

Time is flying! Only four months to go. I remember it was just Thanksgiving when i was lying around, recovering from surgery, drinking at least a six pack of Dt. Mountain Dew every day as i fought the fatigue that i assumed to be "RECOVERY" and now...

Now i don't think i can fool anyone with this mass growing out of my stomach. It is amazing that this little person is inside of me.  A whole pound of person. And i felt her this morning. WITH MY HAND! it was amazing. I was at the chiropractor keeping things straight and i felt her so i put my hand there. Normally i can't feel it with my hand, but that wasn't the case today. It was really cool. She gave me a big kick! only a pound fighting weight but with the kick i felt, I think i'm growing a little soccer player! Then again, she might be a ballerina!

NOTE: This is NOT me

Both yesterday and today i went for a walk. I think that i over indulged in the Route 44's and candy last month, so I'm cutting  back. I'm sure the baby will also be grateful for the decline in sugar. She will probably be a little hyper as it is, so no need to add to it. Rick and i went to our first birthing class. At first he was like, why are we taking a class, isnt' it pretty standard you go in and get the epidural. I think i discussed this before. So we started our classes and I think that i will like them. I know two people in the class as well so that was a pleasant surprise. My ex husbands cousin and his wife are in the class, but fortunately its from the side of the family that i still keep in touch with on a sporadic basis.. I really like Emily so i'm glad she is in the class. We had actually talked a month ago about going for a walk together, so now we have 11 more weeks where she cannot escape me! 

Four more months doesn't feel too bad, for now, the waiting is fine. I'm not sure i want to grow any bigger, but its too late for that now. I got some maternity clothes today from a coworker at a good deal and will try them on tonight before i actually pay for them. Rick is going to go pick me up a glider and ottoman we found on CL for a good price. All we need now is a changing table and dresser.  This is all very exciting stuff and I am most certain that this little girl is going to be spoiled rotten!

Thanks to Ricks mom, we are able to get all of our nursery furniture! She is excited to help, and next weekend we go to my moms house with the new chair to get it covered once i pick out an appropriate fabric. We'll pick it back up sometime in June as there is no major rush now.

So far everything is going JUST great.

05 April 2011

Something is always Buzzing

Baby Bee aka HONEY is a wiggle worm! She is always moving around. Today i went to the doctor for a visit. Sweet Honey Beeman was in there just kicking up a storm. She is so little right now, but i can feel her. And the doctor commented on how much she was moving because she kept escaping the doppler.

Silly Bee likes bananas and they make her wild! I ate a banana just before my appointment and sure enough she was so active! only 18 more weeks to go. Next visit i have my glucose test and i better pass! my weight is doing "ok" but i need to start exercising! I had a great weekend but it really wore me out. So much walking but i got to go swimming and anytime i swim, my little honey bee get very excited. Anytime she moves i just assume she is excited.

Of course there is more, but i just feel it is too Private to share right now. So where does it all go?

feel free to request access!