15 March 2011

It finally happened

Today, someone came up to me and said

I wasn't sure what they meant. I was wearing my glasses? NO, oooh. She motioned to her stomach and i looked down. Yup, i'm pregnant.

But when did pregnancy become something that "happens to you" and what a very abrupt way to ask me if i was fat or pregnant. I guess that is what she was going for, but since I am presently weighing in at about 10 lbs over my fighting weight (ok ok i'm lying, its actually 15 but the first five i'm not counting because as we all know, we women fluctuate about 5 lbs any day given water weight, so i'm leaving room for error there. And most people are still squinting at me and trying to look away, they cannot decide if i have gained weight because my face doesn't really give it away but my belly is poking a bit and i'm definitely a bit rounder. These awesome maternity jeans fit me about as well as a one size fits all "Small" can fit a woman. Its not very good, because the legs are baggy and the butt is baggy, surprisingly enough, but the elastic waistband is amazingly comfortable so i'm taking one for the team!

Today when i arrived to work the receptionist, Jan, who is a lovely woman, greeted me with a gift for our daughter!! It is LOVELY!

Another woman, Angela, who lives in Mississippi sent us this! She is an amazing woman of God and prays for us often! we really appreciate her prayers and LOVE this gift! I know it will be so useful when i need to shower and rick has gone back to work leaving me alone with the baby! Isn't it so cute?

Last week, my coworker Emily, who gave me the belly band, brought in a bag of onesies from her daughter! They are so cute, and i'm excited to get to use them. My mother brought me some adorable outfits from Old Navy (they have the cutest girls stuff) and one was a dress that has my favorite colors in it and my sister sent me some yellow duckie sleepers and a book her children loved. "Where is Baby's Belly Button" Another coworker gave me a swaddling blanket (pink) and is going to clean out her baby girl stuff, my hairdresser gave me a bunch of sleepers, and I'm sure there is more to come! I am going to run out of room if i don't sell my house soon!

Back to work today, a separate coworker, who already knew i was pregnant, came up to me today in the Cafe and remarked at how great i looked and how my stomach is flatter than hers and she's not even pregnant nor has ever been pregnant. I of course told her that she has lovely curves because i'm a fan of curvy women over the stick types if i am allowed to vote, which it just so happens i am! Countless stick thin women lament the fact that they have no butt or breasts to distinguish their woman bodies from the ones they had as a girl. Me however, I have had a nice round butt since I hit puberty, and my husband says its the best butt he's ever seen, and from what i gather, he has seen a butt or two in his 40 some odd years on this planet. I dont' take him as the kind of guy for insincere flattery. So i'm proud of this butt, even if it is getting a little bit rounder, i'm hoping things will even out once the baby comes, but Rick has told me that even if i'm "fat" the rest of my life (nice choice of words there Ricky boy), he will love me all the more.

I want to make a deliberate effort to never critique myself or my weight in front of my daughter. I want to make an effort to encourage her self esteem and value in who she is not how she looks. And i want to teach her how to eat a proper healthy diet, to exercise daily, and to do what it takes to ensure she is a healthy and happy person, no matter her stage or size in life.

I guess i better practice what i preach and start working out again. The healthy eating has not been an issue in my life, and even Rick remarked last night that he missed his spinach salad that i typically prepare for him at dinner. WOW! my husband who hates vegetables LOVES raw baby spinach salad with nothing but basalmic vinegarette!

The times they are a changing.


  1. Can I just say, I love how brutally honest you are?! And I love that you are already thinking about how to encourage your daughter to love herself for who she is and not how she looks. We are their best role models! :)

  2. Thanks Kim! We really do have to watch what we say and how we act because they will pick up EVERYTHING from us, and i want my daughter to know most that her mommy is smart and funny, not the size jeans i wear or the number I see on the scale. And of course i will want her to have older friends like Miss P. to look up to!

  3. You're welcome! They do pick up everything... it's amazing. I can't wait to see you as a mom and I would love it if our daughters became friends!