04 March 2011


More REALLY cute things! Curiosity Killed The Cat Infant Creeper
We find out the sex of our baby on MONDAY morning! Rick came home for good on Wednesday for professional and personal reasons. He did so on his own accord, I did not ask him to come, nor did i beg or plead. The ME is presently a little disrupted and while we think Dubai will be "ok" - IF things turned for the worse overnight and we have a newborn without a passport, we'd be stuck to wait it out. I couldn't be happier about his decision and i really think he has put both of his families first in this situation. No more planning to have a baby in the Middle East. No more moving 7000+ miles. No more packing! And if you want to get an idea of what i will NO longer be leaving, We have applied for on-site day care and if we get in, Baby Bee will be about 50 yards away from my office in a building next door to mine, where I can walk over and feed it - as needed - in a room designated for nursing mothers. Our doctor is here on campus too. SAS really is my home away from home and its just a short drive away from my house. Here is a video from the news, we are the first 8 minutes past the 15 second advert.

Now What??
I am still selling my house as we will be needing a bigger place to grow our family and for our existing family.  Please pray for us that our house will sell in the next few months and we will get a good price for it so we can settle into a bigger home BEFORE the baby comes.

I am buying a car before August, as we do not really enjoy sharing a car and the Scion is RICKS! So he gets it back and I'm looking at Toyotas. No i will not get a mini-Van, but i believe an SUV is in store. I am presently checking out the Hybrid but we might try to hold tight until we figure out if the house is going to sell. A few months without a car payment won't kill anyone... or will it?

Keep us in your prayers, Big Changes in a good way are HERE!! The baby is also thrilled

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