30 March 2011

Baby Bee has a crib!

Sleigh Fixed Gate Crib
Ok, not to get too excited here, BUT, i have a crib! Here is a picture. This is OBVIOUSLY NOT my house or my crib b/c i would have to be Mrs. Jacobson, mother of Hayley born in July of last year, and CLEARLY i am not ! But this is fun! I love Pottery Barn! (who doesn't) and i am finding some good deals here and there. We are not going to set the crib up until this summer. We will prepare her room after we know for sure where we will live. We are looking at a major upgrade in homes as soon as our current house sells, but we are going to be patient so if the house isn't sold by late July, then we will probably have to set up her nursery. She will get the turquoise room upstairs, and i am SO excited to decorate! I LOVE being able to express my creative and artistic side. I have already started making her a baby blanket (though its a little heavy/warm) but will be perfect for walks in the stroller this coming fall/winter! I'm sure there is SOMETHING ELSE i should be doing but right now i'm not!

Next weekend Rick and i are planning a little road trip to visit the dogs and shop at the PBkids outlet by my parents house. I'm very excited. I think we will also drop in on my cousin and her wife. They just had a little girl a few weeks ago!

I think the waiting is the hardest part - but if you look below. It's getting bigger!!!! And by "it" i mean my daughter! I see the OB next Tuesday and we will see how everything is progressing. I hope i haven't gained too much weight but as it stands now, i'm eating a lot less lately, the heartburn is KILLING me and i'm a big fan of Blue Coconut Sonic Slushes (route 44 that)  and Rick doesn't mind trekking out at 10 or 11pm. Anything for this Queen Bee carrying his little princess! I also eat a lot of berries and love gobstoppers and nerds! Only 19 more weeks to go, give or take. Isn't this fun?


  1. Love the crib! Presley has a similar one (also in white), and we LOVE it!

  2. thanks! we found it on CL for a great price! i'm trying not to pay top dollar for the nursery but still get nice things. for now the crib is in the closet. But you never know i hear babies can come at unexpected times ;)