22 March 2011

As big as a melon!

Despite my svelte appearance, i have a baby inside of me the size of a canteloupe!  As the screen shot below indicates. Cantaloupes seem sort of big though.
I decided today that if you look at me from the front, i look rather "wide".  I mean sure, i'm still not really all that big looking and have always held my weight well, BUT now that i'm halfway there, I am probably going to do nothing but grow these next 20 weeks. I myself can see the bump and i assure you, the view from the front is much more entertaining which is why you are seeing the side view only. You'll have to catch me in real life .
Rick and I have been having a FANTASTIC time the past 3 weeks. Has he only been home for about 3 weeks now? It feels like forever, not in an, OMG can you please go back to the middle east type of way,  but more like, the old comfortable jeans type of way. We are settled into a routine for the most part and he is working as a contractor here at SAS (yay!).
It probably would have made sense to keep sharing a car for the next little while since we work at the same place (different buildings about 1-2 miles apart), but we found a perfect deal on a Toyota Highlander Hybrid, so I am now the proud owner of a new car! It has a DVD entertainment system in the back with wireless headphones, and the optional third row seating, for those occasions when we have more kids to carry around than seats. So all in all, it seats 7. I have a navigation system, heated seats, and of course, it is Leather (because i really didn't want to have to think about cloth seats and baby messes) . Its a really nice car and I'm grateful to have my own car again!

We celebrated our one year anniversary on Friday. Rick brought flowers to my office. it was very sweet. We went to dinner that evening and then watched a scary movie. We also bought ourselves a king sized bed and have been sleeping on it for almost a week! The queen was getting a bit cramped and now Ricks sons will each have their own bedroom when they come to visit us this summer.

The past few weekends we have been working on the house. My parents came up on the 12th and we fixed things, hung new blinds, and Rick learned how to Caulk. He is now a caulking pro, sort of. And he has managed to caulk all of the crown moulding in the entire house! I have been making dinner every night and sneaking in some very healthy options to my unsuspecting husband. Cauliflower, beans, and zucchini? what?  He went to the doctor today for blood work and then will go for his yearly physical on Friday. i bet he has lost weight ( i can tell he is slimmer now) and i bet his "vitals" are much better, though for a man that eats as much junk, he sure does have healthy cholesterol. Me on the other hand. I look at a hamburger and my cholesterol registers at 300. Just my genetics i guess because if you know me, you know i eat pretty dang healthy. I just can't help it if i love raw fruit and vegetables and prefer legumes over meat. We ate so much beef last week that I'm on an anti-beef kick. I'm sick of it, so we had shrimp pasta for dinner last night and have to concoct some sort of chicken tonight. I love cooking and Rick tells me every day what an amazing cook i am. But Rick is fully aware that i'm cheating on him (in the kitchen). He tells me he doesnt mind, as long as he doesn't have to know what exactly he is eating. It's a win/win situation.

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