30 March 2011

Baby Bee has a crib!

Sleigh Fixed Gate Crib
Ok, not to get too excited here, BUT, i have a crib! Here is a picture. This is OBVIOUSLY NOT my house or my crib b/c i would have to be Mrs. Jacobson, mother of Hayley born in July of last year, and CLEARLY i am not ! But this is fun! I love Pottery Barn! (who doesn't) and i am finding some good deals here and there. We are not going to set the crib up until this summer. We will prepare her room after we know for sure where we will live. We are looking at a major upgrade in homes as soon as our current house sells, but we are going to be patient so if the house isn't sold by late July, then we will probably have to set up her nursery. She will get the turquoise room upstairs, and i am SO excited to decorate! I LOVE being able to express my creative and artistic side. I have already started making her a baby blanket (though its a little heavy/warm) but will be perfect for walks in the stroller this coming fall/winter! I'm sure there is SOMETHING ELSE i should be doing but right now i'm not!

Next weekend Rick and i are planning a little road trip to visit the dogs and shop at the PBkids outlet by my parents house. I'm very excited. I think we will also drop in on my cousin and her wife. They just had a little girl a few weeks ago!

I think the waiting is the hardest part - but if you look below. It's getting bigger!!!! And by "it" i mean my daughter! I see the OB next Tuesday and we will see how everything is progressing. I hope i haven't gained too much weight but as it stands now, i'm eating a lot less lately, the heartburn is KILLING me and i'm a big fan of Blue Coconut Sonic Slushes (route 44 that)  and Rick doesn't mind trekking out at 10 or 11pm. Anything for this Queen Bee carrying his little princess! I also eat a lot of berries and love gobstoppers and nerds! Only 19 more weeks to go, give or take. Isn't this fun?

22 March 2011

As big as a melon!

Despite my svelte appearance, i have a baby inside of me the size of a canteloupe!  As the screen shot below indicates. Cantaloupes seem sort of big though.
I decided today that if you look at me from the front, i look rather "wide".  I mean sure, i'm still not really all that big looking and have always held my weight well, BUT now that i'm halfway there, I am probably going to do nothing but grow these next 20 weeks. I myself can see the bump and i assure you, the view from the front is much more entertaining which is why you are seeing the side view only. You'll have to catch me in real life .
Rick and I have been having a FANTASTIC time the past 3 weeks. Has he only been home for about 3 weeks now? It feels like forever, not in an, OMG can you please go back to the middle east type of way,  but more like, the old comfortable jeans type of way. We are settled into a routine for the most part and he is working as a contractor here at SAS (yay!).
It probably would have made sense to keep sharing a car for the next little while since we work at the same place (different buildings about 1-2 miles apart), but we found a perfect deal on a Toyota Highlander Hybrid, so I am now the proud owner of a new car! It has a DVD entertainment system in the back with wireless headphones, and the optional third row seating, for those occasions when we have more kids to carry around than seats. So all in all, it seats 7. I have a navigation system, heated seats, and of course, it is Leather (because i really didn't want to have to think about cloth seats and baby messes) . Its a really nice car and I'm grateful to have my own car again!

We celebrated our one year anniversary on Friday. Rick brought flowers to my office. it was very sweet. We went to dinner that evening and then watched a scary movie. We also bought ourselves a king sized bed and have been sleeping on it for almost a week! The queen was getting a bit cramped and now Ricks sons will each have their own bedroom when they come to visit us this summer.

The past few weekends we have been working on the house. My parents came up on the 12th and we fixed things, hung new blinds, and Rick learned how to Caulk. He is now a caulking pro, sort of. And he has managed to caulk all of the crown moulding in the entire house! I have been making dinner every night and sneaking in some very healthy options to my unsuspecting husband. Cauliflower, beans, and zucchini? what?  He went to the doctor today for blood work and then will go for his yearly physical on Friday. i bet he has lost weight ( i can tell he is slimmer now) and i bet his "vitals" are much better, though for a man that eats as much junk, he sure does have healthy cholesterol. Me on the other hand. I look at a hamburger and my cholesterol registers at 300. Just my genetics i guess because if you know me, you know i eat pretty dang healthy. I just can't help it if i love raw fruit and vegetables and prefer legumes over meat. We ate so much beef last week that I'm on an anti-beef kick. I'm sick of it, so we had shrimp pasta for dinner last night and have to concoct some sort of chicken tonight. I love cooking and Rick tells me every day what an amazing cook i am. But Rick is fully aware that i'm cheating on him (in the kitchen). He tells me he doesnt mind, as long as he doesn't have to know what exactly he is eating. It's a win/win situation.

15 March 2011

It finally happened

Today, someone came up to me and said

I wasn't sure what they meant. I was wearing my glasses? NO, oooh. She motioned to her stomach and i looked down. Yup, i'm pregnant.

But when did pregnancy become something that "happens to you" and what a very abrupt way to ask me if i was fat or pregnant. I guess that is what she was going for, but since I am presently weighing in at about 10 lbs over my fighting weight (ok ok i'm lying, its actually 15 but the first five i'm not counting because as we all know, we women fluctuate about 5 lbs any day given water weight, so i'm leaving room for error there. And most people are still squinting at me and trying to look away, they cannot decide if i have gained weight because my face doesn't really give it away but my belly is poking a bit and i'm definitely a bit rounder. These awesome maternity jeans fit me about as well as a one size fits all "Small" can fit a woman. Its not very good, because the legs are baggy and the butt is baggy, surprisingly enough, but the elastic waistband is amazingly comfortable so i'm taking one for the team!

Today when i arrived to work the receptionist, Jan, who is a lovely woman, greeted me with a gift for our daughter!! It is LOVELY!

Another woman, Angela, who lives in Mississippi sent us this! She is an amazing woman of God and prays for us often! we really appreciate her prayers and LOVE this gift! I know it will be so useful when i need to shower and rick has gone back to work leaving me alone with the baby! Isn't it so cute?

Last week, my coworker Emily, who gave me the belly band, brought in a bag of onesies from her daughter! They are so cute, and i'm excited to get to use them. My mother brought me some adorable outfits from Old Navy (they have the cutest girls stuff) and one was a dress that has my favorite colors in it and my sister sent me some yellow duckie sleepers and a book her children loved. "Where is Baby's Belly Button" Another coworker gave me a swaddling blanket (pink) and is going to clean out her baby girl stuff, my hairdresser gave me a bunch of sleepers, and I'm sure there is more to come! I am going to run out of room if i don't sell my house soon!

Back to work today, a separate coworker, who already knew i was pregnant, came up to me today in the Cafe and remarked at how great i looked and how my stomach is flatter than hers and she's not even pregnant nor has ever been pregnant. I of course told her that she has lovely curves because i'm a fan of curvy women over the stick types if i am allowed to vote, which it just so happens i am! Countless stick thin women lament the fact that they have no butt or breasts to distinguish their woman bodies from the ones they had as a girl. Me however, I have had a nice round butt since I hit puberty, and my husband says its the best butt he's ever seen, and from what i gather, he has seen a butt or two in his 40 some odd years on this planet. I dont' take him as the kind of guy for insincere flattery. So i'm proud of this butt, even if it is getting a little bit rounder, i'm hoping things will even out once the baby comes, but Rick has told me that even if i'm "fat" the rest of my life (nice choice of words there Ricky boy), he will love me all the more.

I want to make a deliberate effort to never critique myself or my weight in front of my daughter. I want to make an effort to encourage her self esteem and value in who she is not how she looks. And i want to teach her how to eat a proper healthy diet, to exercise daily, and to do what it takes to ensure she is a healthy and happy person, no matter her stage or size in life.

I guess i better practice what i preach and start working out again. The healthy eating has not been an issue in my life, and even Rick remarked last night that he missed his spinach salad that i typically prepare for him at dinner. WOW! my husband who hates vegetables LOVES raw baby spinach salad with nothing but basalmic vinegarette!

The times they are a changing.

09 March 2011

Baby Bee's first Movie

Thanks to my awesome husband for cutting this video for me and our daughter.
We love her so much, she is moving like crazy, and i feel her some. Little kicks here and there.

She will probably be the most videoed baby in town! It pays to have a talented man in the house.

07 March 2011

It's a ....

Most of my readers are my facebook friends, but since i know a few of you lurkers out there are NOT on facebook, or not my friend, i thought i'd share the good news.

I have a special gift but its not always accurate. I am a dreamer and there are times my dreams predict the future. I know it sounds crazy, but I have had dreams that have come true. The first one i can vividly recall was in high school when I had a dream my neighbor died, and a week later he died in a car wreck. I didn't put the two together until he died, but it flashed before my eyes and i remembered seeing it happen. Its weird, but i never put any stock into my dreams because i dream most every night and not all dreams are accurate. But Friday night i had one of those dreams that i really thought was going to be real. I told Rick and a few neighbors and friends about it. I dreamt we were at the ultrasound and, clear as day, my baby had a vagina.

In case you didn't notice, my ticker has changed color. Did that give it away?? My dream was 100% accurate. Now again, i dont' put stock into my dreams any more than i do my intuition. I had a feeling when we first conceived it was a girl, i put it in the back of my head and convinced myself this was a boy. I was really feeling "girl" the whole time but i let a few people tell me it was probably a boy, based on nothing short of old wives tales and speculation, so i changed my mind towards boy, but in the back of my head i was thinking girl. Its sort of like, when you really want something to happen, but you don't want to be disappointed (trust me a boy would be just as exciting) so you convince yourself of the opposite of what you think you want just to prepare yourself for the possibility, but then the dream came, and two days later, (today) i had my BIG appointment!! ITS A GIRL!!

I am SO EXCITED that i am presently carrying a healthy baby girl!!!  She will be the FIRST GREAT GRANDDAUGHTER for my moms parents and my parents first GRANDDAUGHTER .  Talk about one soon to be spoiled princess. We told my mom first because she is my best friend. She was excited and sent me a text message at lunch that she was going to go out and buy something pink (SEE?? its starting already) Grammy (my mother in law) was next. She was very excited I think. BTW< that 10$ i owe you will go in a college fund for the baby >
She is 11cm long from crown to rump and has very long and skinny arms and legs and is moving them around like crazy!! Perfect fingers and perfect toes. It was hard to get a good picture of her face because she was moving, but Rick and i agree, she is BEAUTIFUL!!

And to top things off, i went to the Social Security office and DMV the week i had the flu and CHANGED MY NAME! I am officially Mrs. Jennifer Beeman! So baby bee will have parents with matching last names. She is thrilled! Especially because it makes her name so much easier to use! We'll share eventually.


did you notice?

04 March 2011


More REALLY cute things! Curiosity Killed The Cat Infant Creeper
We find out the sex of our baby on MONDAY morning! Rick came home for good on Wednesday for professional and personal reasons. He did so on his own accord, I did not ask him to come, nor did i beg or plead. The ME is presently a little disrupted and while we think Dubai will be "ok" - IF things turned for the worse overnight and we have a newborn without a passport, we'd be stuck to wait it out. I couldn't be happier about his decision and i really think he has put both of his families first in this situation. No more planning to have a baby in the Middle East. No more moving 7000+ miles. No more packing! And if you want to get an idea of what i will NO longer be leaving, We have applied for on-site day care and if we get in, Baby Bee will be about 50 yards away from my office in a building next door to mine, where I can walk over and feed it - as needed - in a room designated for nursing mothers. Our doctor is here on campus too. SAS really is my home away from home and its just a short drive away from my house. Here is a video from the news, we are the first 8 minutes past the 15 second advert.

Now What??
I am still selling my house as we will be needing a bigger place to grow our family and for our existing family.  Please pray for us that our house will sell in the next few months and we will get a good price for it so we can settle into a bigger home BEFORE the baby comes.

I am buying a car before August, as we do not really enjoy sharing a car and the Scion is RICKS! So he gets it back and I'm looking at Toyotas. No i will not get a mini-Van, but i believe an SUV is in store. I am presently checking out the Hybrid but we might try to hold tight until we figure out if the house is going to sell. A few months without a car payment won't kill anyone... or will it?

Keep us in your prayers, Big Changes in a good way are HERE!! The baby is also thrilled

01 March 2011

Things i LOVE

While listening to Nouvelle Vague, a favorite on my playlist, i decided to do a quick internet browse at the cutest little things i would love to dress my baby in. Its too bad that babies grow so fast! Too fast, which is why you have a ton of them :)

 Totally Gender Neutral Panda
Panda One Piece (Green/Black/White)
Someone is dreaming of a little girl!! That wears tu-tus apparently
Funky Skull Pink One Piece & Black Tutu Gift Set
The brand says it all these are sweet shoes and i really want a pair in MY SIZE!
Black and Pink Wave Slip On Shoes 18m
Teal & Black Wave Slip-on Shoes 12m

Black & Red Skull & Bow One Piece & Red Tutu Gift Set

My step son informed me that Ninjas don't really wear black they wear blue:
Ninja One Piece (turquoise)
This reminds me of Radiohead who FYI just released a new album...
Robot Organic One Piece (white)
Beatles An Apple A Day One Piece 18m
Johnny Cash Folsom Prison One Piece 18 months
Bob Marley B is for Bob Blue/Brown One Piece 12 months