14 February 2011

Valentines from Afar

Last year Rick and i were in Bahrain for Valentines day:
This year we are apart.
I sent Rick (what i think to be) a VERY cool present but it won't arrive until wednesday or Thursday i think b/c i'm a slacker and had to add a prescription to it and then was delayed on mailing it so he will have to tell you if he likes it when he gets it.

But , I got some flowers today. My favorite! I love tulips! Rick sent them to me from Dubai. Well, you know what i mean. He is so thoughtful and his card was very sweet. I cannot wait to see him again, and we are planning for a trip in March but i'm still waiting for work to give me the 411 about my transfer. So many details to work out.
And if you can see there is also a carnation from my dentist. Yes, i went to the dentist today, i got a crown, paid $550 and walked out with a carnation! totally worth the money (insert eye rolling here)
I had a great weekend with my mother and saw an old friend. I held my cousins 4 month old baby and he smiled at me a lot! My other cousin is having a baby in March. We are just full of babies. I have calculated that by the time Baby Bee arrives, on my side of the family there will be: 6 grandparents, 6 great aunts, 5 great uncles, 20 first cousins once removed (which are my cousins), and 14 second cousins (which are my cousins kids) all of which Baby Bee will meet at Christmas this coming year! Ricky, Jennifer has a very big family with a strict attendance policy! Furthermore, there is also my parents, my sister, her husband, and my brother which makes grandparents, 2 uncles and an aunt and 2 first cousins close in age! with hopefully more to come!! yay lori and steve! (Again, this is JUST my side of the family) -
Lets not forget Baby bee will have a half sister, 2 half brothers, 4 aunts and uncles, 4 cousins, and 2 step cousins from the Beeman Clan.

 I will post about my weekend later. For now, i will work and sleep. I think i'm getting sick.


  1. I'm sure you had a wonderful valentine's day and I hope everything is going well with you, the husband, and your baby that is on the way.

  2. Thanks Dre. We are all doing well, just very anxious to be together, wherever that may be. Hope you are doing well