17 February 2011

Sick for Two

I have had a fever for the past few days. I knew i was feeling bad on Monday and i really wanted to stay home but Rick had flowers coming to my office and i "had" to go to work he said. So to work i went being a good submissive wife that i am (tongue in cheek).

Well Monday i felt worse and worse so stopped placed a call in to see my doctor since my mother had just tested positive for the flu! oh boy. So my doctor called me just as I was wrapping things up in the office. I stopped by his office on my way out, since its by the exit from campus, so no big deal. He put me on tamiflu and told me to rest and take it easy. I appreciated his comments concerning my appearance. "You don't even look pregnant!" An echo of what most of my relatives said to me, but just wait soon enough i'll have to flee the country b/c i'll be looking so big. I think i'll pretend i'm away at Fat Camp rather than relocating!  ON monday,  i came home and find that everything in my fridge is frozen solid! Fortunately I had brought home take out as promised. Ricky bought me sushi dinner :) Yes i had the cooked rolls. Some argue its not sushi if its not raw fish, but i beg to differ. Sushi is a style of food preparation and actually refers to the vinegared rice and not the toppings. MY favorite kind of sushi is Nigiri Salmon. There is nothing like it. I would equate it to butter except butter disgusts me.  For now i settle for cooked Eel, Lobster and Crab. The small sacrifices we make to incubate the future leaders of the world. I also make sure to ask them to leave out the masago, those tiny little fish eggs. 

There went sneeze number 58 for today.  

My symptoms? Fever, Sneezing, Coughing, nose blowing (which is also pregnancy related), fatigue, headache, body aches, and a sore throat. I felt a little better this morning with a fever of 99, so i went to work thinking i could wing it. Fortunately I have a private office and i immediately switched my plate that typically reads "KNOCK AND ENTER" to read "DO NOT DISTURB" and shut the door. I lasted about 2 hours. My fever came back and i felt like i hit a brick wall, so i drove home but took a much needed detour at the grocery store to get some non-frozen food. The repair guy is coming out tomorrow morning to have a look. I believe it is the thermostat. The fridge is only 5 years old but i suppose i'll work from home since I hardly made it today. Better than spreading the germs to more people. Plus I purchased an 8 lb. bag of oranges that i'm excited to eat! My biggest concern is for the growing fetus inside of me. I see the doctor again in 2 weeks and 4 days, and just hope he/she is ok in there. I even put an ice pack on my stomach b/c it was feeling really hot and i didn't want baby bee to get too warm! Aren't i thoughtful.

Last weekend i drove to Greenville, SC with my 4 legged daughters and left them behind. I miss them. Especially when i eat because who is there to pre-rinse my dishes! My friend Lynn who i have known since I was three is keeping them at her house along with her other two dogs and her 6 daughters. Yes i said it, SIX GIRLS!! Two sets of twins.  The youngest are 4,4 and look exactly like Lynn did when we met over 27 years ago! I owe her BIG TIME! Then i drove back to my parents house and did a little shopping with my mommy. WE went home watched some dumb movie about cupid and went to bed. The next day we went to my grandparents church then lunch then we went to see my grandmother who is crossing her fingers for a girl, but made a point to tell me immediately after that she will be just as thrilled for another boy. Poor lady had 2 daughters, 3 granddaughter, 2 grandsons, and 4 great grandsons. After mom and i left her house, we went to my cousin Charleys house for his wifes baby shower. Now my cousin Christina who i talked to the entire time has the flu. She has a 3 year old, an almost 2 year old and a 4 month old, all boys. They plan on having one more! She and i are both middle children with an older sister and a younger brother. WE both want four kids because we don't want just one middle child which is what having three kids does! Ricky doesn't agree with that thinking but he definitely has some sibling issues so I think he's kidding himself BUT he is the only boy so that makes it different. Anyways, i refuse to have one middle child, and i want more than 2 so we'll let God dictate that. From here out I think God will space our children out for us. 

Rick is planning a trip back the first week in March so we can see the kids and then go to the next Doctor appointment the BIG GENDER ONE!  Its funny, everyone that has found out i'm pregnant is pretty aware of my love for children and my desire to be a mom so everyone is thrilled for us! But not as thrilled as we are! I wish i could get more pics of Baby Bee and catch a glimpse on a daily basis but I will take what i can get and in the meantime, between these four week appointments, just assume that all is going according to plan. At least i know it is, God's Plan that is! I hope and pray that my grandparents do not get the flu! Feeling miserable and disliking food. The homemade chicken noodle soup i made is frozen in the fridge too.  This pregnant woman is signing out and going to bed. i need another ice pack to the gut and some tylenol.   

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