08 February 2011

back to the OB - yee haw!

i don't know why i gave it a title like that.
guess i felt like being a redneck for today. Giddy Up! Ride Em Cowboy.

Now they say its an old wives tale that you can determine the gender based on the heart beat.
My sister had a slow heart beat and doc told mom it was probably a boy. Nope.
So tomorrow i see the doc, and we are going to be listening to the baby's heart beat. Not sure if we will see the little guy or if i have to wait another FOUR LONG WEEKS to get a good look at him (or her), but if that is so, its only 4 more weeks and i guarantee that next time i will schedule my appt for a Monday rather than a wednesday and next time I will see between the legs and will be able to finally rest easy knowing WHAT i will be having.

I picked out this stroller. Actually, no. I didn't pick it out. My best friend Kristin who is having a baby in May picked it out, and since it was what I was looking for, i added it to my registry BUT i know that it is already getting purchased for me, so get another idea for yourself because my momma is gonna buy me this (i actually want it in a different color but i'm not sure what colors are in stock at the store in Charlotte). it has a waterproof spot for your phones AND an ipod/iphone mp3 hook up!

It was going to be a surprise, but mom isn't good at surprising me because we talk all the time - like daily if not multiple times a day. She told me it was supposed to be a surprise, but i already remember her mentioning it to me before so i'm pretty sure it was all in her head. So i have to act all surprised, but this bad boy is coming with me to Dubai in April! Sure is going to be fun taking baby to the beach - He better like it cause his momma LOVES the sun and sea! God didn't give me this olive complexion for nothing!
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  1. I love your stroller! We have been thinking of getting a similar one from Baby Trend that also has a cupholder and mp3 input. :)

  2. Same One! Baby Trend ELX - not really big on the purple but this is what the online store is showing so we'll find out on Friday what they have!! I'm doing the trade in event (someone gave me an old car seat) and it gets me an automatic 25% off!!