09 February 2011

Back from the OB - Hee Yaw!

Now I’m just being silly, but if you know me, then you know that's just how i roll. Just got back from the OB and wanted to post real quick while it was freak him my mind. No, not freak him. Fresh in. I purposefully did not edit that phrase because i wanted you to see how my mind is operating... or not operating. Now where was i, oh yes.

I get to the OB, and first of all, there is this lady receptionist that has been there for 2 months give or take, and she is horribly slow and not really catching on.

"Hi may I help you"
"Hi, Jennifer Sloan, S-L-O-A-N checking in"
Lady "which doctor"
Me "not so sure, they rotate"
She looks at me funny. "Are you in the right place?"
I do the eyebrow raise and smirk, "Yes i believe so"
Frustrated she asks, “Well, are you pregnant?"
I quickly look down to ascertain my condition. While there is no noteworthy baby bump, the changes are quite evident (to me of course). "Most definitely" i reply, a big smile taking over my face
This older lady looks so disheveled and confused, as if the task of checking in pregnant women and printing encounter forms is just too overwhelming for her to take on. (The GYN part of the office has a separate check in window) "Ok, what’s your date of birth?"
"You are seeing Dr. Groff" hands me form, "go put this in the lab basket and have a seat"

I walk over, put my paper in the basket and have a seat.
"Melanie" -
I look around, there is nobody else here.
"Hi, that's the piece of paper I put in the basket, but I’m not Melanie. I guess I didn't look to make sure she had my name right since I gave it to her"
"that's ok, go pee in the cup and have a seat, I’ll sort it out", and she gives me this look as though this is not the first, nor last time that New Lady has mixed this up.
Fast Forward past the Urine (warm), Blood Pressure (105/65) and Weight (ha! get a life!)
Then, I sit and wait for Dr. Groff.
Dr. enters and tells me to have a seat. "Weight looks good, lets have a listen to this baby"
We pull up my shirt; she smears the ultrasound gel onto my stomach, and puts the wand straight onto my belly and exclaims "I LOVE your baby! I wish all the babies were this easy to find. I wish i could just say I was this good, but your baby is just waiting for me to wand its little heart, front and center"

We listen for a bit
"157, sounds perfect, everything is looking good"
We discuss the screening tests that i will have next visit. She suggests that I can have them in two weeks if i want, but what good would that do (*Some people TERMINATE pregnancies when the baby is deformed or has some sort of genetic disorder), so we agree that knowing 2 weeks early would merely give me 2 extra weeks to mentally prepare for a scenario that is not very likely, so not a big deal. We decide to wait, do the QUAD screening and my GENDER ULTRASOUND on March 7th, which is a Monday! There was no way i was going to schedule another Wednesday appointment, so Monday morning in a month, at 9am, i will be going to the OB to find out what sort of little BEE i am carrying!!!

Oh My Goodness i so cannot wait. Boy or Girl I am THRILLED!!!

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