25 February 2011

Baby Bump??

someone asked for an updated pic of my belly. Here it is. I know i'm huge ;)
You can see a little bump there, i am presently 16 weeks and 5 days pregnant, as the ticker reads, but since the ticker changes and this post pic will not, there you have it.  for now i am embracing my curves. In the evening i am much bigger than the morning and feel more fat than anything. I still feel somewhere borderline between appearing Chubby and appearing pregnant, but some days i am feeling more bloated than others. Mornings are the best though b/c i *almost* have my abs...  Also, something you cannot see, is the one inch layer of fat my entire body seems to be storing. i knowi look small in this pic but trust me, i'm getting a lot more junk in the trunk. But soon enough i'll be unable to differentiate between morning and evening tummy.

I have been quite busy lately. Last week i was sick and fell off the planet. I hardly spoke to rick for more than 10 minutes i was so miserable. Then the weekend came and my friend came over to help with house fixing things so i could list the house. That was Saturday and then Sunday, i was exhausted but had to get everything done in time for the realtors to show up and take pics and list my house.

So now it is sit and wait. I am hoping and praying it sells quickly! I went the FSBO route but my house has a lockbox on it so it will be open to any acredited realtor that has a client that wants to see it. I found the house myself in 2006 and asked my realtor to show it to me. It was a freaking NIGHTMARE HOUSE but i made it nice and pretty with the help of some friends. Its amazing what tearing down a kitchen, replacing floors, and adding a fresh coat of paint to EVERYTHING, adding crown molding throughtout the house, replacing doors with solid wood six panel doors, and slapping a garage door back onto the garage, as well as tearing down a deck and rebuilding it twice the size, will do for a home. I love my house as it was my first, and i put a lot of me into it.
The living room had dark wood and brick exposed and the sliding door was broken. The carpet was NASTY NASTY and the walls were a purple gray color!

The kitchen had zero cabinet space and efficiency sized appliances. The sofit and cabinets cam out and were replaced by REAL cabinets and REAL appliances. The home has a better flow to it and more than quadrupled the kitchen space! The old kitchen is edited to remove certain "content".      

 The deck was rotting and was pretty small.  I found out that the floor joists beneath were also rotting so i had to replace those too. I decide to do a multlevel deck and bring it out past the house, adding two sets of stairs so you could acces from either side of the yard!

This is just a small example of what the bedrooms in the entire house looked like. NASTY green carpet and dark wood framed windows. I replaced all the windows and of course the carpet!

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