27 February 2011

Au Natural??

So one of the things you need to think about before giving birth (which is like in my distant future) is how you want to do it?  

Approximately 70% of women have an epidural during birth

Pros and Cons: 
Less pain. But while you may not feel the pain of the actual delivery, the residual effects of childbirth are inescapable with or without the drug. Things stretch, bleed, tear, etc etc. Even if you are numb during the birth, numbness only lasts temporarily to get you through it. Like Novocaine at the dentist, eventually it wears off and you might feel it. i'm pretty sure child birth has a much longer lasting effect when compared to a dental filling. The medication delivered can cause headaches that last for weeks post-child birth, itching, and other stuff that i'm not going to just copy from the website and books i'm reading, but you get the idea.  Not to mention that a lot of the time an epidural comes with a catheter. Most of the time the baby isn't affected by the meds of the epidural, but there is no real way to be sure. If my mother can have a baby without drugs and her mother can do it and her mother could do it then guess what. So can i! of course we have no way of knowing what I'll do in the situation b/c i've never been in it but while drugs sound like a great option, i'd rather get them administered AFTER the baby comes. But then it will be to late b/c i'll have to worry about what i put into my body b/c everything i feed myself the baby gets. My friend V. drank a few glasses of wine and later breast fed her son rather than dumping the milk. She said he was a little lethargic the next few days and never did that again. I know intravenous injections are a bit different, but if the baby is still in you, then it can't be good for it can it?? My mom didn't think so.  Me: "Mom did you have drugs when you had us" Mom: "no" Me: "Why not" Mom: "I didn't want to hurt the baby". 
My sister had an epidural for both of her kids and they are fine so i'm sure it would be fine. But its not for everyone and while I think drugs are super great, its not just my body that i'm affecting but possibly the baby. If i can take one for the team, i'm not going to chance it. Like I said, if mom can do it, i can do it. My mom is a big wuss (well until i found that out), now i'm not so sure she doesn't have a gold vagina!

1 in 3 babies in the US are delivered by C-section.
Pros and Cons: If elective, you can pick the childs birth date and it takes about 20 minutes to take the baby out of you. Oh, and if you work for my company you get 8 paid weeks rather than 6. Its almost tempting BUT i have nice strong ab muscles and if someone took a knife and cut through them i think they might never recover. Also, if you are put under, you wont' be able to see your baby right away. I want to have all my senses about me so i can immediately hold my baby and see it and remember everything about it. So unless i HAVE to have a c-section. i'm going to opt out of this one!  Though 8 weeks paid leave are really tempting... and a quick delivery.  I've read that even breech births can still be delivered vaginally. The trouble is that doctors are being trained to cut rather than to turn the baby and are not as well instructed now as they were 20 years ago. I'm going to check with my OB to make sure they can turn my baby if it decides to come out funky, but in my family, historically speaking, all child birth has gone smoothly. WE have had large babies, but they come out the old fashioned way.

But I really want to just squat one out! Think about it. I'm no expert on childbirth, but i do know science and how gravity works. I want to try to let gravity pull this child out. Have you ever tried to take a poop while lying on your back?? Me either. Plus if Jessica Blackham can have a baby at the circus in the toilet and then just pretend it never happened (crazy crazy lady) it can't be THAT hard, can it? She tried to say she never knew she was pregnant and claim amnesia, but HEY STUPID, you posted FB statuses about your pregnancy and morning sickness. Nice One! Word to the Wise, don't blog or FB information you wish to later retract. This has been your PSA of the day. Thank you, and goodnight.
Why would a mother leave her newborn son in a public restroom?


  1. I'm interested in a hypnobirth! It's supposedly a great way to manage pain without drugs. Not sure what I will eventually end up doing, but I want to be as drug free as possible (and as much as I can tolerate).

  2. I did hypnobirth! Decided my "happy place" wasn't near happy enough so had a little Nubain (sp?) to take the edge off during labor. Very happy to have not had an epidural - the idea of a needle in my spine bothers me. And having had friends who labored for HOURS and then had to have a C-section... wow. I believe epidural slows down labor process because you can't feel contractions to push. And you can't move around... I had JD at WakeMed Cary and quite liked it... jacuzzi tub did wonders during labor. We need to catch up for lunch & baby talk!

  3. yeah i think Lamaze is total crap. Breathe through it ? give me a break!

    We are registered for a Bradley Birth Method Class for 12 weeks beginning in April.

    I agree Venita, I haven't had a contraction yet (thankfully cause then i'd have to worry) but i'm sure if its as painful as i hear it is, it will rip that happy place right out from under you.

    I don't think they have a tub where i'm having the baby, but i hear the food is great. And i know people that swear by the epidural, but I want to be 100% aware of my contractions so i can really push it out.

    I've been knocked around quite a bit in my life and perfomed many a face-plants, i am pretty sure my threshold for pain is quite high. guess we'll find out