27 February 2011

Au Natural??

So one of the things you need to think about before giving birth (which is like in my distant future) is how you want to do it?  

Approximately 70% of women have an epidural during birth

Pros and Cons: 
Less pain. But while you may not feel the pain of the actual delivery, the residual effects of childbirth are inescapable with or without the drug. Things stretch, bleed, tear, etc etc. Even if you are numb during the birth, numbness only lasts temporarily to get you through it. Like Novocaine at the dentist, eventually it wears off and you might feel it. i'm pretty sure child birth has a much longer lasting effect when compared to a dental filling. The medication delivered can cause headaches that last for weeks post-child birth, itching, and other stuff that i'm not going to just copy from the website and books i'm reading, but you get the idea.  Not to mention that a lot of the time an epidural comes with a catheter. Most of the time the baby isn't affected by the meds of the epidural, but there is no real way to be sure. If my mother can have a baby without drugs and her mother can do it and her mother could do it then guess what. So can i! of course we have no way of knowing what I'll do in the situation b/c i've never been in it but while drugs sound like a great option, i'd rather get them administered AFTER the baby comes. But then it will be to late b/c i'll have to worry about what i put into my body b/c everything i feed myself the baby gets. My friend V. drank a few glasses of wine and later breast fed her son rather than dumping the milk. She said he was a little lethargic the next few days and never did that again. I know intravenous injections are a bit different, but if the baby is still in you, then it can't be good for it can it?? My mom didn't think so.  Me: "Mom did you have drugs when you had us" Mom: "no" Me: "Why not" Mom: "I didn't want to hurt the baby". 
My sister had an epidural for both of her kids and they are fine so i'm sure it would be fine. But its not for everyone and while I think drugs are super great, its not just my body that i'm affecting but possibly the baby. If i can take one for the team, i'm not going to chance it. Like I said, if mom can do it, i can do it. My mom is a big wuss (well until i found that out), now i'm not so sure she doesn't have a gold vagina!

1 in 3 babies in the US are delivered by C-section.
Pros and Cons: If elective, you can pick the childs birth date and it takes about 20 minutes to take the baby out of you. Oh, and if you work for my company you get 8 paid weeks rather than 6. Its almost tempting BUT i have nice strong ab muscles and if someone took a knife and cut through them i think they might never recover. Also, if you are put under, you wont' be able to see your baby right away. I want to have all my senses about me so i can immediately hold my baby and see it and remember everything about it. So unless i HAVE to have a c-section. i'm going to opt out of this one!  Though 8 weeks paid leave are really tempting... and a quick delivery.  I've read that even breech births can still be delivered vaginally. The trouble is that doctors are being trained to cut rather than to turn the baby and are not as well instructed now as they were 20 years ago. I'm going to check with my OB to make sure they can turn my baby if it decides to come out funky, but in my family, historically speaking, all child birth has gone smoothly. WE have had large babies, but they come out the old fashioned way.

But I really want to just squat one out! Think about it. I'm no expert on childbirth, but i do know science and how gravity works. I want to try to let gravity pull this child out. Have you ever tried to take a poop while lying on your back?? Me either. Plus if Jessica Blackham can have a baby at the circus in the toilet and then just pretend it never happened (crazy crazy lady) it can't be THAT hard, can it? She tried to say she never knew she was pregnant and claim amnesia, but HEY STUPID, you posted FB statuses about your pregnancy and morning sickness. Nice One! Word to the Wise, don't blog or FB information you wish to later retract. This has been your PSA of the day. Thank you, and goodnight.
Why would a mother leave her newborn son in a public restroom?

25 February 2011

Baby Bump??

someone asked for an updated pic of my belly. Here it is. I know i'm huge ;)
You can see a little bump there, i am presently 16 weeks and 5 days pregnant, as the ticker reads, but since the ticker changes and this post pic will not, there you have it.  for now i am embracing my curves. In the evening i am much bigger than the morning and feel more fat than anything. I still feel somewhere borderline between appearing Chubby and appearing pregnant, but some days i am feeling more bloated than others. Mornings are the best though b/c i *almost* have my abs...  Also, something you cannot see, is the one inch layer of fat my entire body seems to be storing. i knowi look small in this pic but trust me, i'm getting a lot more junk in the trunk. But soon enough i'll be unable to differentiate between morning and evening tummy.

I have been quite busy lately. Last week i was sick and fell off the planet. I hardly spoke to rick for more than 10 minutes i was so miserable. Then the weekend came and my friend came over to help with house fixing things so i could list the house. That was Saturday and then Sunday, i was exhausted but had to get everything done in time for the realtors to show up and take pics and list my house.

So now it is sit and wait. I am hoping and praying it sells quickly! I went the FSBO route but my house has a lockbox on it so it will be open to any acredited realtor that has a client that wants to see it. I found the house myself in 2006 and asked my realtor to show it to me. It was a freaking NIGHTMARE HOUSE but i made it nice and pretty with the help of some friends. Its amazing what tearing down a kitchen, replacing floors, and adding a fresh coat of paint to EVERYTHING, adding crown molding throughtout the house, replacing doors with solid wood six panel doors, and slapping a garage door back onto the garage, as well as tearing down a deck and rebuilding it twice the size, will do for a home. I love my house as it was my first, and i put a lot of me into it.
The living room had dark wood and brick exposed and the sliding door was broken. The carpet was NASTY NASTY and the walls were a purple gray color!

The kitchen had zero cabinet space and efficiency sized appliances. The sofit and cabinets cam out and were replaced by REAL cabinets and REAL appliances. The home has a better flow to it and more than quadrupled the kitchen space! The old kitchen is edited to remove certain "content".      

 The deck was rotting and was pretty small.  I found out that the floor joists beneath were also rotting so i had to replace those too. I decide to do a multlevel deck and bring it out past the house, adding two sets of stairs so you could acces from either side of the yard!

This is just a small example of what the bedrooms in the entire house looked like. NASTY green carpet and dark wood framed windows. I replaced all the windows and of course the carpet!

17 February 2011

Sick for Two

I have had a fever for the past few days. I knew i was feeling bad on Monday and i really wanted to stay home but Rick had flowers coming to my office and i "had" to go to work he said. So to work i went being a good submissive wife that i am (tongue in cheek).

Well Monday i felt worse and worse so stopped placed a call in to see my doctor since my mother had just tested positive for the flu! oh boy. So my doctor called me just as I was wrapping things up in the office. I stopped by his office on my way out, since its by the exit from campus, so no big deal. He put me on tamiflu and told me to rest and take it easy. I appreciated his comments concerning my appearance. "You don't even look pregnant!" An echo of what most of my relatives said to me, but just wait soon enough i'll have to flee the country b/c i'll be looking so big. I think i'll pretend i'm away at Fat Camp rather than relocating!  ON monday,  i came home and find that everything in my fridge is frozen solid! Fortunately I had brought home take out as promised. Ricky bought me sushi dinner :) Yes i had the cooked rolls. Some argue its not sushi if its not raw fish, but i beg to differ. Sushi is a style of food preparation and actually refers to the vinegared rice and not the toppings. MY favorite kind of sushi is Nigiri Salmon. There is nothing like it. I would equate it to butter except butter disgusts me.  For now i settle for cooked Eel, Lobster and Crab. The small sacrifices we make to incubate the future leaders of the world. I also make sure to ask them to leave out the masago, those tiny little fish eggs. 

There went sneeze number 58 for today.  

My symptoms? Fever, Sneezing, Coughing, nose blowing (which is also pregnancy related), fatigue, headache, body aches, and a sore throat. I felt a little better this morning with a fever of 99, so i went to work thinking i could wing it. Fortunately I have a private office and i immediately switched my plate that typically reads "KNOCK AND ENTER" to read "DO NOT DISTURB" and shut the door. I lasted about 2 hours. My fever came back and i felt like i hit a brick wall, so i drove home but took a much needed detour at the grocery store to get some non-frozen food. The repair guy is coming out tomorrow morning to have a look. I believe it is the thermostat. The fridge is only 5 years old but i suppose i'll work from home since I hardly made it today. Better than spreading the germs to more people. Plus I purchased an 8 lb. bag of oranges that i'm excited to eat! My biggest concern is for the growing fetus inside of me. I see the doctor again in 2 weeks and 4 days, and just hope he/she is ok in there. I even put an ice pack on my stomach b/c it was feeling really hot and i didn't want baby bee to get too warm! Aren't i thoughtful.

Last weekend i drove to Greenville, SC with my 4 legged daughters and left them behind. I miss them. Especially when i eat because who is there to pre-rinse my dishes! My friend Lynn who i have known since I was three is keeping them at her house along with her other two dogs and her 6 daughters. Yes i said it, SIX GIRLS!! Two sets of twins.  The youngest are 4,4 and look exactly like Lynn did when we met over 27 years ago! I owe her BIG TIME! Then i drove back to my parents house and did a little shopping with my mommy. WE went home watched some dumb movie about cupid and went to bed. The next day we went to my grandparents church then lunch then we went to see my grandmother who is crossing her fingers for a girl, but made a point to tell me immediately after that she will be just as thrilled for another boy. Poor lady had 2 daughters, 3 granddaughter, 2 grandsons, and 4 great grandsons. After mom and i left her house, we went to my cousin Charleys house for his wifes baby shower. Now my cousin Christina who i talked to the entire time has the flu. She has a 3 year old, an almost 2 year old and a 4 month old, all boys. They plan on having one more! She and i are both middle children with an older sister and a younger brother. WE both want four kids because we don't want just one middle child which is what having three kids does! Ricky doesn't agree with that thinking but he definitely has some sibling issues so I think he's kidding himself BUT he is the only boy so that makes it different. Anyways, i refuse to have one middle child, and i want more than 2 so we'll let God dictate that. From here out I think God will space our children out for us. 

Rick is planning a trip back the first week in March so we can see the kids and then go to the next Doctor appointment the BIG GENDER ONE!  Its funny, everyone that has found out i'm pregnant is pretty aware of my love for children and my desire to be a mom so everyone is thrilled for us! But not as thrilled as we are! I wish i could get more pics of Baby Bee and catch a glimpse on a daily basis but I will take what i can get and in the meantime, between these four week appointments, just assume that all is going according to plan. At least i know it is, God's Plan that is! I hope and pray that my grandparents do not get the flu! Feeling miserable and disliking food. The homemade chicken noodle soup i made is frozen in the fridge too.  This pregnant woman is signing out and going to bed. i need another ice pack to the gut and some tylenol.   

14 February 2011

Valentines from Afar

Last year Rick and i were in Bahrain for Valentines day:
This year we are apart.
I sent Rick (what i think to be) a VERY cool present but it won't arrive until wednesday or Thursday i think b/c i'm a slacker and had to add a prescription to it and then was delayed on mailing it so he will have to tell you if he likes it when he gets it.

But , I got some flowers today. My favorite! I love tulips! Rick sent them to me from Dubai. Well, you know what i mean. He is so thoughtful and his card was very sweet. I cannot wait to see him again, and we are planning for a trip in March but i'm still waiting for work to give me the 411 about my transfer. So many details to work out.
And if you can see there is also a carnation from my dentist. Yes, i went to the dentist today, i got a crown, paid $550 and walked out with a carnation! totally worth the money (insert eye rolling here)
I had a great weekend with my mother and saw an old friend. I held my cousins 4 month old baby and he smiled at me a lot! My other cousin is having a baby in March. We are just full of babies. I have calculated that by the time Baby Bee arrives, on my side of the family there will be: 6 grandparents, 6 great aunts, 5 great uncles, 20 first cousins once removed (which are my cousins), and 14 second cousins (which are my cousins kids) all of which Baby Bee will meet at Christmas this coming year! Ricky, Jennifer has a very big family with a strict attendance policy! Furthermore, there is also my parents, my sister, her husband, and my brother which makes grandparents, 2 uncles and an aunt and 2 first cousins close in age! with hopefully more to come!! yay lori and steve! (Again, this is JUST my side of the family) -
Lets not forget Baby bee will have a half sister, 2 half brothers, 4 aunts and uncles, 4 cousins, and 2 step cousins from the Beeman Clan.

 I will post about my weekend later. For now, i will work and sleep. I think i'm getting sick.

09 February 2011

Back from the OB - Hee Yaw!

Now I’m just being silly, but if you know me, then you know that's just how i roll. Just got back from the OB and wanted to post real quick while it was freak him my mind. No, not freak him. Fresh in. I purposefully did not edit that phrase because i wanted you to see how my mind is operating... or not operating. Now where was i, oh yes.

I get to the OB, and first of all, there is this lady receptionist that has been there for 2 months give or take, and she is horribly slow and not really catching on.

"Hi may I help you"
"Hi, Jennifer Sloan, S-L-O-A-N checking in"
Lady "which doctor"
Me "not so sure, they rotate"
She looks at me funny. "Are you in the right place?"
I do the eyebrow raise and smirk, "Yes i believe so"
Frustrated she asks, “Well, are you pregnant?"
I quickly look down to ascertain my condition. While there is no noteworthy baby bump, the changes are quite evident (to me of course). "Most definitely" i reply, a big smile taking over my face
This older lady looks so disheveled and confused, as if the task of checking in pregnant women and printing encounter forms is just too overwhelming for her to take on. (The GYN part of the office has a separate check in window) "Ok, what’s your date of birth?"
"You are seeing Dr. Groff" hands me form, "go put this in the lab basket and have a seat"

I walk over, put my paper in the basket and have a seat.
"Melanie" -
I look around, there is nobody else here.
"Hi, that's the piece of paper I put in the basket, but I’m not Melanie. I guess I didn't look to make sure she had my name right since I gave it to her"
"that's ok, go pee in the cup and have a seat, I’ll sort it out", and she gives me this look as though this is not the first, nor last time that New Lady has mixed this up.
Fast Forward past the Urine (warm), Blood Pressure (105/65) and Weight (ha! get a life!)
Then, I sit and wait for Dr. Groff.
Dr. enters and tells me to have a seat. "Weight looks good, lets have a listen to this baby"
We pull up my shirt; she smears the ultrasound gel onto my stomach, and puts the wand straight onto my belly and exclaims "I LOVE your baby! I wish all the babies were this easy to find. I wish i could just say I was this good, but your baby is just waiting for me to wand its little heart, front and center"

We listen for a bit
"157, sounds perfect, everything is looking good"
We discuss the screening tests that i will have next visit. She suggests that I can have them in two weeks if i want, but what good would that do (*Some people TERMINATE pregnancies when the baby is deformed or has some sort of genetic disorder), so we agree that knowing 2 weeks early would merely give me 2 extra weeks to mentally prepare for a scenario that is not very likely, so not a big deal. We decide to wait, do the QUAD screening and my GENDER ULTRASOUND on March 7th, which is a Monday! There was no way i was going to schedule another Wednesday appointment, so Monday morning in a month, at 9am, i will be going to the OB to find out what sort of little BEE i am carrying!!!

Oh My Goodness i so cannot wait. Boy or Girl I am THRILLED!!!

08 February 2011

back to the OB - yee haw!

i don't know why i gave it a title like that.
guess i felt like being a redneck for today. Giddy Up! Ride Em Cowboy.

Now they say its an old wives tale that you can determine the gender based on the heart beat.
My sister had a slow heart beat and doc told mom it was probably a boy. Nope.
So tomorrow i see the doc, and we are going to be listening to the baby's heart beat. Not sure if we will see the little guy or if i have to wait another FOUR LONG WEEKS to get a good look at him (or her), but if that is so, its only 4 more weeks and i guarantee that next time i will schedule my appt for a Monday rather than a wednesday and next time I will see between the legs and will be able to finally rest easy knowing WHAT i will be having.

I picked out this stroller. Actually, no. I didn't pick it out. My best friend Kristin who is having a baby in May picked it out, and since it was what I was looking for, i added it to my registry BUT i know that it is already getting purchased for me, so get another idea for yourself because my momma is gonna buy me this (i actually want it in a different color but i'm not sure what colors are in stock at the store in Charlotte). it has a waterproof spot for your phones AND an ipod/iphone mp3 hook up!

It was going to be a surprise, but mom isn't good at surprising me because we talk all the time - like daily if not multiple times a day. She told me it was supposed to be a surprise, but i already remember her mentioning it to me before so i'm pretty sure it was all in her head. So i have to act all surprised, but this bad boy is coming with me to Dubai in April! Sure is going to be fun taking baby to the beach - He better like it cause his momma LOVES the sun and sea! God didn't give me this olive complexion for nothing!
Click to view large image
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