16 January 2011

Yasmin Got Married !

I went to a wedding on Saturday. 

A teammate of mine got married to her long time boyfriend. I've mentioned this friend in my blog before, she's the attorney I've played with. I say played because if you read my previous post, you'd know i was temporarily retired. I only say temporary, because i know that there will come a point where i play again, even if just for laughs. I will play. I have a college alumni match in March, but I won't be playing in that b/c i'll still be basking in the glory of retirement. It sure is fun to say.

Yasmin is a black girl. I don't know any other way to say that.  I don't like to say African American any more than i like to say that i'm a German American, but then again, i'm not sure how long her family has been in the USA, or where exactly they came from. If Africa at all. I mean, that is quite presumptuous. Just because someone is dark skinned, doesn't make them of African descent any more than calling all Hispanics Mexicans. Its just not so now is it? But Yasmin is a black girl, and i really like her a lot. I tell her she is whiter than me and she knows it is true half the time. Then again, I was asked to pledge AKA in college, and sang in the Gospel Choir. Talk about fish out of water. Gospel Choir sings gospel music. I was the only blonde in the group, and one of two white people. It was fun. In the words of Jerry Maguire "I love Black People". Moving on...

Since Yasmin is black, as you would expect, so are her family. So there are like 200 black people at the reception, 2 larger white girls that Yasmin has worked with ( I don't expect them to be reading this and either way, its still an accurate depiction) and then there is Sarah and myself. I got an invite with a Plus One, so I brought my friend Sarah, another teammate of ours, (she also played college ball with me - and we both played against Yas in college). Sarah and I felt like the wedding crashers. Two white girls in a sea of "black folk". We had a blast.

It was a sit down meal so we had to patiently wait for our food. We are guessing we were put at a "random" table with the groom's Aunt and Uncle and three others we aren't sure who they were. Some man at a table behind us kept taking my picture, it was weird. Maybe because I was the white girl? but, the music was loud, and i wasn't in the mood for shouting. The salad was what i believe to be Wild Arugula with some sort of yellow melon and goat cheese crumbles, tossed with a very light lemon vinaigrette. I found it very refreshing, palatable, and ate every bite. The waiter even skipped on removing my plate because he had removed so many plates that had hardly been touched, and the man across from me scoffed and hawed about how horrible this salad was and how it was the worst thing he'd ever had. I smiled politely as i ate every bite, a bit faster than etiquette would have allowed, but i was starving, and it was super yummy. I wanted to tell him that it was probably a bit too refined for his taste (And shove a bucket of BoJangles his way) but where were my manners, oh yes.. i pulled them out, smiled another polite smile as he went on and on about how horrible it was to serve him this mockery of food. Sarah and i shared a few "knowing" glances and continued to eat our food that we found to be very acceptable.  

After the salad, we knew it would take a bit of time to get the main course out to every table, plus we were in the back, so we snuck out and got in the shutter booth to leave behind a memory. My favorites were the middle two, we sort of were caught off guard the first shot, and the last, we sort of had no idea so we just smiled again. Can't hurt to "try" to look pretty....

This second shot, I was following Sarah's lead, so I just flexed and i guess held my breath? I'm not sure, i def wasn't trying to make the dreaded "fish face" what is with that anyways, but i'm not going to be shy here. I think this is AWE$OME!!
Don't mess with me, I don't work out, but i've got huge guns, strength and can kick the crap outta you if i want. Sarah has great guns too, so watch out, we're like bodyguards. Not a threat or anything, I'm just sayin'.

So we had a great time, we left as soon as the cake was served as we braved the 30 cold strides to the car in our high heels which somehow made the cold air feel worse, but mom would be proud, i wore panty hose. Ok they were thigh highs, but i had something over my bare legs for the first time since she last made me wear them, probably high school or before. Plus, look how tan i am from my trip to the middle east! I love the sun! Its probably my favorite, after smiling of course.

That's all I had to say i think but just wanted to share. The bride was beautiful, I swear she looked like a cupcake, in a skinny sort of way, and i'm happy if she is happy. I always pray for the best. As in any marriage, you put God in the middle, get plugged in, and you will love each other more every day. Thats really the key. I see my parents, involved in their church, loving each other more and more, even if they do sometimes act like teenage brats, i think you expect that after nearly 40 years. Hell, my longest relationship lasted 2.5 from start to end, and that includes all the horrible horrible mess that happened SCREAMING for me to leave despite my feet not being able to RUN (not walk) out the door. (I hate to write about it but one day i think i'm going to relive the whole ugly truth for all to see) But, what i'm saying is, relationships are hard work and you really have to commit to making it work. There are things that permit you to "quit", but unless you are being made into a cuckold or getting the crap beat out of your brains, then you can work it out. Get therapy or whatever. Anyways, what i'm saying is marriage takes work, honesty, and lots of communication. Secrets drive a wedge between man and wife and ultimately lead to the demise of many marriages. I pray Yasmin and Darryl have what it takes to overcome any trials that come their way, because there will be trials, and I hope they have a long, happy, safe and faithful life together.  Here's to Mr. and Mrs. Moses. God Bless.

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  1. great blog Jenn. Loved your comments on marriage, it does take work and the grass ain't always greener on the other side. I am so happy my son found you and your view on the subject, found you with your amazing brain, found you with your beauty, found you, the perfect one to be my daughter